Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I love this moment so much I want to have sex with it.

So I finished my first practice LSAT.

What does this image have to do with anything? Nothing, absofuckinglutely nothing. I just felt like it. And I didn't want you to think I'd abandoned my favorite local hottie just because all the shows are in repeat right now. Submit!

Anyhoo. Hmm. I got a 160, which is decent, but apparently I need to shoot for more along the lines of 171 on up. I haven't been in school in ages, my jobs since then don't really reflect someone who plans on going to law school and I have hardly any extracurricular/community activities worth mentioning (and um, read: none). So boning up on this test might be a good idea. The internets tell me:

Let's start with the possibilities: every tester will score between 120-180 on the LSAT. 75% of all testers score between 140-160; half of the remainder score below that range, and half score above it.

If you score higher than 150, you will probably be accepted to a law school somewhere.
(For the record, I love this sentence. "Somewhere." So depressing and yet, I'm sure quite accurate.) For example, many state law schools have a student body with average LSAT scores in the low 150s. If you score 160 or higher, you'll be considered a good candidate almost anywhere and you may become eligible for scholarships. To be a competitive candidate for admission into the very top law schools in the US, you'll want to aim for a score of 165 or higher.

So. I went to Borders and Central Market after work, stopping at the first for a Practice LSAT book. The girl checking me out asked, "So, are you about to take the SATs?" and I found that it was impossible to say, "Actually, it's the LSAT, it's for law school," without sounding like a total douchebag snob. So I laughed and followed it up with, "I wish I was young enough to be taking the SATs!" Because let's stop a moment and consider--do I really look like I'm in high school? If so, fuck yeah. But I doubt it. She also forgot to give me change and I had to remind her, so I just assume she was five minutes from the end of her shift or something.

Then off to CM, where I spent seventy-goddamn-dollars but it was worth it. I love that place. If you could have sex with a place...ok, sorry, awkward. Anyhoo. And really, it was nearly all veggies...ok, so there was $12 worth of fish, a $13 bottle of wine a stranger recommended (I pointed her in the direction of a nice muscat) and about $11 worth of chicken wings, which are roasting on the grill outside as I type. They are getting a nice peanut Thai sauce, which technically falls outside the range of my diet, as there is undoubtedly some sugar in there. But I can live with tiny amounts. It's not really a big cheat, right? Right??

Anyhoo. Also learned how to chop up chicken wings. Kinda fun and therapeutic, really. Also good practice if anyone ever gets handcuffed, the keys get lost and I have to take an ax to the chain between their wrists. I'm saying they've got a 50% chance right about now...and that's after this practice of whacking at chicken bones.

Off to bed...gorgeous weather finally, this evening. Thunderstorms started around 5 and it has been piddling rain all evening (with a considerate interlude for grilling, ta). But it's so nice to be able to drive with the windows down...if only it would stay this cool. (During the day it has been getting up to 95 again). For the record, I still do recommend the latest White Stripes album, Icky Thump, for highway windows-down driving. Good times, bitchin' tunes.


Veloute said...

Oh, chopping through bones is easy and fun. Just keep your eyes on where you're wacking down your cleaver and aim. I get it right every time.

So I guess I'm a good person to know if you need help with your handcuffs.

Good work on the LSAT! Very exciting.

Picture: *Fans self*

Veloute said...

Also: I really don't want to point this out, but is wine okay on the candida diet? Or are there ... exceptions ;)

Ellen Aim said...

When I lose the keys to my cuffs, I'm totally calling you. I TRIED aiming and whacking, it wasn't easy. I somehow made it work, though!

And you know, the list doesn't SAY you can or cannot have wine...

Ok. So no. But considering the shit I'm NOT eating, a little wine is ok! *cough*

I am the queen of justification.

Veloute said...

That picture is SO distracting.

Ellen Aim said...

Lol, I know! I almost didn't want to ever blog again!

I guess I could just post it every time...hee hee...

Ellen Aim said...

Jesus fuck. It's distracting ME and it's my own blog...