Thursday, September 11, 2008

Harry, I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.

Considering the impending ass-pounder of a storm this weekend, I'm breaking out the Twin Peaks golden box set. I bow down before it.

My sister and I were going to hit downtown Dallas for the weekend, even staying at the Fairmont. But with Ike looking the way it is--potential level 3 hurricane, winds around 50-70 mph--well, it might kinda wreck the point of going. On the map, it seems to be missing Fort Worth, so let's hope it kinda stays that way. (Fuck Dallas...)

So now I'm going to get a whole bunch of cherry pie, coffee, doughnuts and blow for my marathon. (Just kidding. Cherry pie and doughnuts aren't on my diet.)


Veloute said...

Well, neither is wine? ;)

Stay safe!

Ellen Aim said...

It was my little joke to imply that pie was not ok, but that blow was. Cocaine, that is. Like Laura Palmer does. It was a funny.

Veloute said...

Okay, I read too fast. I didn't see the blow.


Mob said...

I hope the wrath of God passes through before we're in town next week.

And since we'll be in town Tuesday through Friday, I suppose you'll find some excuse to be out of town yerself, since you're never there when we are? ;P

Ellen Aim said...

Vel: "I didn't see the blow" could be a great set-up for any number of jokes, but I'll let it slide. ;)

And yes, I'll take pie instead!!

Mob: It should! I think Sat 2am is fuck-time for us.

Tues-Fri? I try to keep up with your blog but you know my husband does NOT check his email, so it's news to me! Funny, I was just heading to Denmark...

Har. I get off around 7/8pm, but I will be there will bells on, it has been far too long. I am overjoyed to share the company of someone with an eighth as much disdain for humanity as I myself harbor.

Mob said...

Sweet, I shall give your hubby a call this afternoon with more details, as we're driving in Tuesday with the Mother In Law, in another attempt to get her divorced.

Damned mediation.

I'm convinced that her lawyer sucks or is also on retainer for the husband she's trying to get rid of.

Ellen Aim said...

Sounds great! It has been too damn long! D's schedule fluctuates more than mine, so I'll leave it to you guys!