Monday, September 08, 2008

The thing is, Bob, it's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care.

And such is work. I just wish I was busy all the time. Because when I'm not busy here, it's kinda hard to motivate myself to do my uh, you know, "other work" that one may or may not surreptitiously do on one's computer. This blog does not count as "work," btw. This would be "goofing off" or at best, a "frivolous exercise in writing."

I finished all the available BSG this weekend and now must rely on Tivo to fish the remaining ten episodes from season 4 that are just floating around out there. And naturally, this week they are showing episode 4.2. Of course.

Anyhoo. I started a practice LSAT and wow. It's uh, kinda kicking my ass. Well, the first section did. The second section was pretty easy. The first section...well, there were just so many choices that I thought were perfectly viable. Apparently not. (Otherwise it wouldn't be multiple choice, would it?) I'll take it home and get my dad to try to make me see the error of my ways...good times, he'll be thrilled.

Two more sections left and I know it's going to involve logic. So I had to stop and eat lunch. And jeez, don't get me started on lunch. I'm trying to (loosely) follow my sister's candida diet. I basically want to cut carbs and sugar from my diet to see if I can maybe fit into my pants again someday. So far so good, but knowing how I feel about food (namely carbs and sugar, fuck!)...goddamn, this will be harder than any LSAT I could ever take.

Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs and mixed berry yogurt, and now I'm eating baby carrots, spinach salad and vanilla yogurt. The funny thing is, the carrots actually taste pretty bitchin'. Like it might actually quell the desire to eat real food. (Just kidding, mommy, bunny food is real food, yeah yeah...)

Maybe it will get busy and I won't have to do the logic part of test? (Right, because avoidance is a GREAT tactic.)

I just overheard someone walking by, saying, "I know I'm not the smartest tool in the shed..." And you know, I hope it was on purpose. (As opposed to "sharpest.") But either way, I think I'm stealing it.

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