Friday, September 05, 2008

Let's go get some of that Saturday night beaver.

Ghostbusters 3, anyone? Thanks, Alex! Hee hee.

And this is the lady I'm off to see at the end of October! I first ran across Dar Williams when I worked for Austin City Limits...I sat in on the show rather than work that night to get an idea of what went on. It was a double bill, if memory serves, and I also had to fucking sit through Brad Paisley. But whatever, it was so worth it. And this was the first song of hers I totally fell in love was a song she wrote about discovering the joy of public radio...

I had one of my monthly massages tonight...actually I got behind last month so I have two saved up for this month. I had a guy for the first time (you can't be picky when you call and want a session 15 minutes later), and though I usually specify female, I truly don't care about the gender of my masseuse. Anyhoo, it was incredible and helped make a somewhat crappy week go away. Although he didn't massage my scalp as much as I wanted, he did do this bizarre thing where he pulled chunks of my hair one at a time during it. All I could think of was my friend J and how his special lady friend loves to have her hair pulled so hard during sex she'll have a headache the next day and like it.

And I managed not to giggle.

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