Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You were a tomato. A tomato doesn't have logic. A tomato can't move.

Whoops. Could have sworn I had already posted this but apparently not...I wrote it in San Francisco on May 16th but just never got around to hitting 'publish'...

I woke up around 5:45am (those 2 hours do tend to fuck with your brain, apparently) and messed around, had breakfast at the hotel restaurant (omg, what a rip off, $3 for hot tea?? and LIPTON at that??) but had merely a bagel (to totally make my point).

Took the cable car on California all the way down to the pier, not terribly far. I was scared shitless for the first few minutes on that cable car. I mean, if you dropped anything you could kiss it goodbye, but it's not like it moves terribly fast. I was sitting on the outside seats for the view.

(Like so.)

LOOK at that! That's not a HILL, that's a fucking DROP-OFF.

Got to the end of the line and found the Ferry Building. This places houses Miette, a bakery featured in Fine Cooking where I bought Emily and Gene's engagement cake. I stopped by for two cupcakes and prayed all day they would survive the heat. There was also an AMAZING cheese shop (Cowgirl Creamery) I wanted to marry, but better judgment prevailed and I made no purchases (gross heat + cheese = baaaaaaad). However, there was a little wine bar where they had some samples from the cheese and bread store, so that was what I did. I wrote my postcards and nibbled on some very yum cheese.

Also took some photos out and around the bay area. Now, while inside I had glanced up to the second story to see a security guard hanging out. I could have sworn I heard him call out to me, but A) I tend to ignore that shit and B) I tend to ignore that shit. A while later, I was outside heading towards the corner of the pier when I heard, "Excuse me, miss!" and turned to see the same security guard. Fuck, I thought, I'm totally going to get in trouble for shooting the store interiors.

Nope. Motherfucker wanted to give me tips on the best place to shoot above the building to get a view of the San Francisco Bay. WTF. It was very friendly, but I'm not crazy to have been at least a little paranoid, right?

Anyhoo, took the cable car back down California to Powell where I hopped out to head down to Union Station, the shopping area. There was a Macy's and Neiman's right on the streets, but I admit it was the Victoria's Secret I was thrilled to see, as I TOTALLY forgot to pack something strapless with my dress for the wedding. $45 goddamn dollars later, I found something. Seriously, all their bras are that much and I wasn't even completely in love with it like I get with Frederick's merchandise. TMI, moving on.

Also, GOD BLESS NEUTROGENA and their continuous spray non-greasy 70 SPF sunspray. Did I mention it's ri-cockulously hot here? I bake bright red like a little lobster, so I sprayed that baby all over me (and found 2 very snazzy shot glasses for the ladies at work, too.)

If I learned nothing else from my time in Cambodia, it's that when it's this fucking hot during the day, you hit the hotel around 2 for a nap/bath. Seriously, they always made us do that. I loved them. So I hit my new favorite store, this place called BEVMO!! right across from the hotel that sells liquor, wine, beer, snacks (GOOD stuff, like nice cheese and everything)--and great craft/local beer/wine, not just generic crap--I could have mounted the store if people hadn't been around--and I am now popping the cork on some California champagne to go with my Miette cupcakes. One survived better than the other. And since the white one is meringue, it's really just stuck in that shape. But still oh-so-tasty...

Also going to pop in some 24 and have a much-needed bath.

Want to hit the Balboa later, a theatre in the vein of what I want to open and which was started by the guy who founded Landmark. (And whom I once spoke with due to my position at my last job). They only have 2 screens, so they are showing Iron Man and Prince Caspian. Obviously I'd have to see the latter (not that I would totally object to a re-watch of the former), but it's FAR from here. I either have to walk my ass off or figure out the BART.

And it's in "the Richmond," which has endless Streets of Fire lines going through my head.

But I should go. And there is a wicked seafood place near here called Crustacean I'd like to hit, but it's quite pricey. It's San Francisco, you have to do decent seafood, but I also spent more today than I meant to...


Triana said...

Ahhh...sighing with happiness at such a wonderful day. Fabulous!

MacGuffin said...

Always thought San Fran would be a cool place to live. All the great architecture, gourmet food, liberal culture plus lots of tv shows I've liked and loved over the years have been shot there, not to mention Hitchcock's Vertigo, one of my fav films. Dani's leary of earthquakes though. :(

Ellen Aim said...

Triana: It was very fabulous--and I didn't get lost or nuthin'!

Macg: I would kill to live there. I got used to earthquakes in Tokyo, but never had any truly bad ones. It's always something...we have tornados here!

I just need some MONEY and a job that pays boatloads and I'm gone!