Friday, May 16, 2008

The room number, Benjamin. I think you ought to tell me that.

Hi all! This is how fucking cool it is to have a laptop. I can write from my hotel room AND post pics!

Got in thirty minutes early yesterday on a direct flight (another clue I'm getting older is my eager willingness to pay more if it means a direct flight). SFO airport is pretty close to San Mateo, where Emily and Gene live, so we stopped by the apartment, where Emily's mother was already freaking out because Emily's younger brother was being difficult about making his flight (everything worked out).

Emily and I walked down the street for lunch (they are within walking distance of great places to eat, cool grocery shops--several of which are little Japanese shops and if one were intoxicated enough, might forget where in the hell one was to begin with). Loaded up on my favorite snackies for later, forgoing anything completely chocolate as it has been HOTTER THAN HELL! Seriously, way hotter than Texas.

Thanks to every single person who said it would be freezing, wtf.

Anyhoo, lunch was had at a place called Amici's, which had great pizza and really great local beer:

Popped back up to the apartment before heading out for errands (you would not believe how many stores DON'T have tall, clear square vases) and I got a snap of the wedding dress, which you can't see too well here. It has a very classy, vintage thing going on.

And there will be a traditional Korean dress as well, which is in pieces at the moment, but here's a clue...

(Emily's mom was a little irked, as Emily really wanted purple but purple is usually for funerals). The yellow bit shown here is just a small part of it.

Also stopped off for an "up-do consultation" at the hair place, as Emily had no idea what she wanted done, just up and not overstyled. She was mostly worried about having a ton of hairspray in her hair or it being too huge. The first thing the stylist said was that she needed a ton of hairspray and then started to make it huge. (But apparently these things are necessary and it won't be all 80s crunchy like I know we were imagining).

If you look real can tell how much Emily loves having her picture taken. (Or even if you just glance).

She has that "tolerance" look completely nailed, if you ask me!

But her hair is going to look great and it was a very successful trip. They can't do her hair til 10.00 and the wedding is at 1.00 (well, 1.30 but they said 1.00 so there wouldn't be any stragglers). So hopefully plenty of time not to be rushed.

I then got dropped off at my hotel, so Emily could go to her father's 70th birthday dinner. I cleaned up and dried off (did I mention it was FUCKING HOT yesterday?) and set off in search of tempura. My hotel has a great location, within walking distance to a ton of crap I plan to amuse myself with today.

Last night I was near Japantown...

See? And yet, bam, that's a Korean place right there. Whatev.

Ended up eating an incredibly mediocre set dinner, but an average set dinner involving miso soup and tempura is still a thousand times better than a disappointing burger.

Awed by all the stoops and homes nearby that I covet as much as I do when I watch the movies that feature them.

Just one of the many little balconies I will be needing on my home here.

Very cute, but I'm going to need at least one balcony.

Anyhoo, today I'm hoping to take the cable car that runs up California Street to the Ferry Building, where they have an awesome bakery, cheese shop and I believe there may be wine. I do have the day to myself, so if I end up in San Jose or something (i.e., completely lost), you will eventually hear about that, too.


MacGuffin said...

Very attractive facades. Reminds me of how Dani and I were particularily smitten with the homes in the Garden District of New Orleans which all seemed to sport three hundred year old (at least) live oak trees. God it was depressing returning to Odessa after that.

SkylersDad said...

As always, great photos! There used to be a brewpub in Aspen called the flying dog brewery. I had one of their shirts that said "I did it doggy style"...

Veloute said...

Ah, beautiful!

I love the look on Emily's face at the camera, lol.

Ellen Aim said...

MacG: Hell, it was depressing coming back to Dallas! All that VIEW and then...this.

Skyler'sD: Danke! And I love flying dog beer! Often get it myself on pint night...

Vel: SF was great. And I think Emily mastered that look in fourth grade!