Tuesday, May 13, 2008

People don't just bump into each other and have sex. This isn't Cinemax.

Knowing I'm from Denton, everyone has been sending me this New York Times article on my little town. My sister and I agree a blow job was definitely involved some time during the writing of said article.

But Little D has a great music scene I don't even seem to know about! Must uh, go visit?

They do get a -5 for calling Denton "the next Austin," a tired phrase that will just never, ever be true.


Alex said...

(1) Awesome post title. What is that from??

(2) I laughed that the article included the subheader "THE NEW COOL." I keep forgetting he's talking strictly about the music scene, and surely nothing else. Surely.

Anyway, yeah--goddamn, the article was *glowing.* That reporter had a better time in this city than I've had my ENTIRE LIFE. XD

Yes, the "next Austin" thing is sad, they need to put that down. Denton feels way too nervously conservative to be Austinesque.

Triana said...



What makes that ant think he can move that rubber plant? Hiiiiiiiiiigh hopes!

Ah well. :) It's good to have a dream? Poor Little D.

Triana said...

Oh and:

"It has a smaller-town feel than Austin"

Um...because it's like 1/20th the size? Hmmmmm....

Ellen Aim said...

Alex: Actually, it's from an episode of Seinfeld! It was on TV at the moment and that line made me laugh.

Until you can actually buy ACTUAL LIQUOR inside the city, it doesn't have a prayer of being an eighth as cool as Austin.

And yeah, I need to go in search of this bitchin' good time.

Triana: I know, like that weird, smaller-town feel is due to ANYTHING other than uh, a MUCH SMALLER POPULATION. Weird.

Go, Little D, you live that dream.

At least they lined up the *good* hookers for the NYT.