Thursday, May 29, 2008

I revealed too much too soon. I was emotionally slutty.

The countdown begins. Sex & the City is sold out all around the metroplex tomorrow--you cannot see it any time, any place.

But I've got a 12:30am screening happening at the SMG by my house, hell yes. I invited my two girlfriends and we'll be joining the socially retarded projectionist from hell who hates watching movies with people. It's a long story, but anyhoo, imagine three women watching this movie and trying to be (after a few cosmos, no less) as composed and quiet as possible.

It's not going to be pretty. I think Sara and I may be the most composed, whereas I see Vickie being the loud one. D tells me, however, that if I were alone I would be an angel, but if I'm going to be there with two other women that I'll probably be the loudest. At least he knows me.

So I stopped at Central Market and hit the bakery for a pre-emptive strike against the antagonism we shall surely cause this poor man.

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