Thursday, May 01, 2008

I prefer the weapon you only need to fire once. That's how dad did it, that's how America does it, and it's worked out pretty well so far.


Anyhoo, woo hoo! Iron Man tonight, 8:55pm, baby. Gonna be sooooo much fun. (See? I didn't say "good," I said, "so much fun.")

I got some good news about the MST3K short: even though I posted 2 days ago that my name was nowhere to be found on the production or programs, the tribute was just now given an ending title card that named the three of us who worked on it as having produced and edited, which is the copy going out to the MiSTie crew. Whee! Aaaaaand, it's going up on YouTube where it will also bear the names! I'm very excited. I just might put a link in here when it does.

So Austin! We got in Friday night after a very nice day wandering around Denton (who woulda thunk?) and then some Jazz Fest yummies. Honey popcorn, shrimp po'boys, fried Snickers, fried pickles, lots of "exotic" beer (to be fair, I did have a Hawaiian beer), you name it. Bitchin' good food.

See? Fried pickles, not lying.

And Alex, Vel and I set off for Austin that night, getting in around midnight and just missing a horrendous storm. We stayed with Triana and her hubby J, who have a fantabulous new home in south Austin with great trees and a very private backyard I highly covet. *Adorable* cats, too, whose pics I will have to post later as I'm out and about and don't have them on this laptop.

The next day was Wild Seed Farms (I think I got that right), containing an incredible butterfly house (hence the fornicating monarchs in the previous post). So I don't know what these flowers are, but they were hella impressive and here's a butterfly sampling. Again, I only uploaded a few pics before leaving the house this morning!

This field demands frolicking and I refrained.

I spent way too long focusing on this rose bush stuck in a wagon, much in a someone-is-purchasing-this-bush fashion. Sure enough I finish snapping and Triana clues me into the patient woman waiting for me to finish photographing her purchase. Oh well, at least it's a confirmation that you're buying a worthy item when others feel the need to photograph it...

Then we hit a number of wineries, which will have to be the next post. I have already sampled one of them, and I'm going to need more info I can't get at the moment. SOooooooooooooo much fun, though.

I started this earlier today and am wrapping up at Gloria's outside the Studio Movie Grill. Already got tickets for the 8:55, which J informs me has yet to arrive. It had better. On the cool side, he still has to screen it as well, so he may just mark off three "reserved" seats in the auditorium for us all. Suh-weet.

So I'm outside tapping away using their internets and sipping margaritas. If there is a yuppie merit badge somewhere I just earned the hell out of it.

Btw, best conversation all week at work:

Co-worker: Wow, these are like new, new twenties. Like, new.

Me: I hate new bills, they stick together.

Co-worker: Really? But they're so perfect for snorting coke.

Me: ...

Anyhoo. Back to anticipating the Robert Downey Jr awesomeness and my strawberry margaritas...


Mob said...

The coke line made me laugh...

I didn't know you worked in American Psycho; are the 80's as decadent as they look on film?

Congrats on getting your credit where it's due, that's awesome that you got to be involved in something that you like so much.

Mob said...

PS: Happy 500th post, I got distracted by all the butterflies.

MacGuffin said...


Ellen Aim said...

Mob: Thanks! And yeah, the line (so to speak) really caught me off guard. I laughed out loud.

MacG: Danke!