Saturday, March 03, 2012

Yeah, we're gonna go. He's about to get real handsy and uh, a little racist.

In an effort to delay actual work, I decided to catch up with my criminal tribunal case from the summer. I was totally stoked to see the motion I had mostly written, researched and submitted was TOTALLY decided in our favor! (Like, in late October. Molasses.) The prosecution did not violate its obligations under a particular rule. It was actually really interesting because it had to do with how we were cross-examining. Idiot defense attorney kept making the same objections and finally the judges had us each draft our interpretation of the rule at hand, citing to case law (from our own court, which is fairly limited, all things considered). My initial reaction was wtf, we get to cross how we get to cross. But apparently this rule has British origins in which you have to "put your case" to opposing witnesses, regardless of what they can really testify to. Which is crazy, if you ask me...

Well, in any case, the judges found we didn't violate our obligations, so [redacted] can suck it.

Nothing much else to report. It has been SNOWING finally! Neat. But there's been enough warm weather teasing lately that I'm quite ready for spring. Also, being crotch-deep in Vermont snow was all the winter I need for this year AND next.

Also, there's a bridesmaids dress on its way for which I need to shed some pounds as well as a little post-graduation beach time that will require me to not look pregnant. So it's time to drink...well, somewhat less.

I did get a call for a second interview at a job I'm not convinced I should take. And I'm only one of two people in my clinic to get that call so far. OF COURSE. Why does it have to be so predictable? I'm going to start thinking about the job I REALLY want as if it's a mediocre prom date and then maybe they'll call?

I am also thinking of my good law school friend who lost her grandmother a few days ago, went home, and is about to lose her other grandmother in the next 48-72 hours. What a weekend for her. :(

Also, I have done no work today. FTW.

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