Thursday, March 29, 2012

Allergies are real! If I have a strawberry, my throat shuts up faster than a girl in math class!

Ahh, another installment in the research beast done. To be turned in in a few hours and then returned to me in a week with "wtf is this?" edits. Ok, the edits aren't that harsh. Hopefully they'll stay that way.

My second giant research project is suddenly due next Thursday. I really should have knocked a chunk out over spring break. I did not. In fact, I have not really touched the goddamn thing all semester. And yet I am relatively calm. Like, I'm so fucked with this one there's no real reason to get worked up about it. O.o

It has gotten annoying cold again up here. Like, it's supposed to fuckin' snow Friday-Saturday. Do what you gotta do, Boston, but I expect 70 degree weather and sunshine come April 17, okay? Kthxbai. It's bad enough it doesn't look like Yu Darvish or Derek Holland will be pitching for my game, but I suppose I'll live. (I'm supposed to be rooting for the other side anyway...!) I am looking forward to getting my official Fenway ballpark cap, that I know.

In other totally scintillating news, my bridesmaid dress fits! I aimed low but somehow it fits? I can even zip myself up. I was freaking myself out as I unwrapped it--even if I got the size about right, what if it just totally didn't fit in an unforgiving way? You can't alter ugly. And it's halter but it's not a tie halter--it's got two buttons to fasten it. That is usually not for me since I'm shorter. But the damn thing fits like a glove! (Well, close enough.) And naturally D just went back to NYC on Tuesday--he missed it by a day and it got here a month early! And FTW? It's actually not bridesmaid-dress-material. I could seriously wear this thing again somewhere. It's black, but also incredibly forgiving if one has a bit of a belly one does not wish to display. WITHOUT BEING A PREGNANT DRESS! They couldn't have picked better dresses for the variety of women in the wedding.

The mental battle between DC and Austin continues to rage. TX would be the obvious choice if I thought for one moment I could land a job in human rights/international law ANYWHERE. So I resorted to flipping a coin and it kept coming up tails (Austin). I like to flip a coin not for the result but because as soon as it's in the air, you know which side you hope it lands on. And I didn't really have that. Goddammit!

Ok, off to play with jury instructions for Tuesday. Trial #1! Too bad I am merely co-counsel. Having said that, I kinda secretly hope the motion to dismiss gets denied so we get to go through a real trial. At lead counsel's stress expense, sure, but I know he wants it, too.


Friend L said...

I saw Friend B lugging around her research beast just moments ago.

If your bridesmaid dress can come early, my wedding dress can too, right?

Ellen Aim said...

Omfg I have seen those three binders. How she moves them in one go is anyone's guess.

Yes your dress can come early! I have a feeling yours is far more intricate a dress than mine, but still!