Wednesday, March 14, 2012

As far as I'm concerned, anyone who goes into the Battery to do some damage deserves a medal.

So this happened last night...

All of Back Bay lost power last night during a giant transformer fire next to the Hilton around 6:30. All the green line T-stops in that area are getting skipped and power won't be restored til tonight. I heard about it yesterday evening--it affected a surprising amount of the city--and decided to opt out of hitting Superior Court this AM for a trial viewing. Apparently things are up and running there after all, but nothing wrong with tomorrow AM instead! Also, it seems all the Berklee students are giddy about some of their exams having to be postponed now. (The music school has exams? Anyway.)

This is what it looked like last night with that whole chunk of town dark. The city also seemed to be relieved that there wasn't any rioting. O.o

In diet related news, I got an email yesterday that the Bacon & Beer Fest is the last weekend of April. It's going to be at House of Blues, which seems weird to me. Another venue I dislike. (The one in Dallas is great, the one, again, too big.) Although for B & B purposes, perhaps big is ok. Big would be great, actually, if it weren't for all the fucking people. Isn't that always the way, though?

Also. A friend of mine posted a picture of something she had been sent and was eating. I had to ask. Wicked Good Cupcakes. If I told you, "cupcake in a jar," you'd probably think, "that actually sounds kinda...gross?" But then what if I said, "Chocolate Guinness and Baileys?" Well hell, I'd at least be curious. In any event, they almost look too big. 8oz of cupcake.

Sigh, time to get some work done today instead of goofing off. Kinda been doing the latter all week... :/

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