Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wow, sometimes you can just SMELL a horrendously shitty day on the way, can't you...

Hey, for a day that started in court with me meeting my colleague's eye as the judge took the bench in a silent "fuuuuuuuuck" moment, it has been okay. (The list wasn't ready before 9 so we had no idea who was assigned to our courtroom.) It's this judge I actually really want to like (and I guess I do as a person, who knows), and at least she's very polite, but her prosecutor roots are painfully obvious. We never attempt to resolve cases in front of her if we can help it, which often involves getting creative on the fly. (Or rather, being prepared ahead of time to be creative.) But the inefficiency of the government was on my side today and they ended up wanting more time to get me the resolution I wanted. Hooray. Of course, now May is starting to look ugly court-wise. SO MUCH FOR FINISHING EARLY.

Some of my clinic mates are thinking about getting a house on the Cape the week after finals, and I admit I'm curious. I'm not sure I want to be around anyone for that length of time?? But they're good people and I still haven't seen the Cape!

I do feel like I am trying to knock out Boston and Massachusetts bucket list items in anticipation of probably not staying here. (And the Boston list is also for help in assessing where to take the fam. Example: there is a "Dark Side of Boston" tour. I'm in!) I will have to post them along the way, for my own memory if nothing else. I'm sure there are already posts in the past few years I could read and basically feel like a first-time reader. One thing I do not ever have to do is the St. Paddy's parade. I'd sooner cut myself. One thing I do not ever have to do again is be in the crowd for the Boston Marathon. I didn't even do that on purpose, but once it was too late I was all "eh, fuck it." NO. Throngs of people. Fucking annoying people with cowbells. NO.

I'm in the midst of coming up with a Boston bucket list but it's also....(drumroll, please)....RESTAURANT WEEK! Which is actually two weeks. And that makes total sense to me, y'all. And really, that is its own bucket list in a way, right?


Friend L said...

More cowbell.

Ellen Aim said...

Some girl offered to give me her cowbell because she was leaving. During the brief moment where I was equal parts revolted but also wanting to take and destroy it, someone else desperately requested it.

I even have a friend in it this year. I donated to her fund, that's enough. ;)