Tuesday, March 13, 2012

By the way, you have milk in your fridge that's so bad, it's now good cheese.

Sarah tickets!!

I have a ticket to the Vermont and Boston shows. :D But in truth, I will probably sell the Vermont ticket. It went on sale before Boston and I hate the Boston venue. So I was being safe. But I can't really afford both. Also, Vermont...well, it is not as close as one might hope. Plus that show is general admission, which I really despise. (That means you have to get there really, really early if you want to be anywhere near the stage.) And driving to Vermont during bar prep time is a bit indulgent, to say the least.

I would love to drag a sister or two up for the Vermont show, but since everyone will be here for graduation in May...well, that's a bit much to ask!

I did snag myself a fifth row seat to the Boston show, and I will just have to live with the venue. It's where I saw Sara Bareilles and it's where I will graduate. It's on the water and quite pretty, it's just such a  large venue. (Note to those attending graduation: bring some Sudoku, a flask, some cyanide pills...)

More importantly, wedding season is increasingly upon us. I won a gym membership at my friend's auction for the Boston marathon, so I shall be putting it to good use soon! My bridesmaids dress is theoretically due at my door sometime next month, and while it looks pretty forgiving, best to err on the side of slim. There are going to be tons of photos, so that's probably enough to put the fear in me.

Then Friend L is getting married in August, though I am waiting to buy my plane ticket since I'm  not sure where I'll be flying from! She is ok with me posting her dress (more views) and I think it is gorgeous and lovely.

It also strikes me as very her and also precisely in the vein of what she was seeking.

More difficult is S's wedding, taking place one year from June! It will be here, but wow, who knows where I'll be! I really hope to be able to make it, and S just purchased her dress the other day from Kleinfeld's in NYC.

Apparently the pics don't do it justice, but I think it's amazing and again, very S. (I wish I could do strapless!)

In less exciting news, I've got an interview for early April for the job I may not want. It's going to be over an hour. I have been forewarned by multiple people, including the woman who scheduled it, that one of the two panelists gives grueling interviews. Some people had this woman for their mini interview, I seem to have landed her for the big interview. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffin' glue.

It is very, very pretty in Boston this week. It is also spring break. Restaurant Week typically coincides, but not this year for some reason. Apparently it starts next week. That is probably for the greater good, because otherwise I doubt very little would get done (not that I'm plowing through much at the moment, obviously)! But it will be so hard to resist indulging more than I should. And then that thought always reminds me that the Bacon & Beer fest is also due in April...dammit!

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