Tuesday, March 06, 2012

I thought I heard the door at 3 am. Those are the sounds of true love.

Wow, I think the last time I watched CNN on purpose was in Japan? Ok, I guess I turn it on during the elections. But seriously, it's weird to see it outside The Daily Show context, it's kind of awful.

How the fuck is Rick Santorum winning? Part of me thinks Romney will still pull it out, but I'm so torn. I almost want Santorum to win because you've got to be fucking kidding me. And then I think about the second Bush election. O.o As Bill Maher put it, "I don't trust this fucking country."

(Editor's Note: In retrospect, I think this was before they added in previously won delegates, because I don't think RS was ever winning... And such is the problem with news channels like CNN--way too much time and money somehow equals watered down news...and boy, do they love their OTT technology.)

Oh, wait, I think Mittens is winning now. Whatever.

I actually made a really yummy shrimp/pineapple/cashew stir fry tonight, despite burning the jasmine rice 1 1/2 times. And then I sort of melted the trashbag trying to toss it out. It's amazing I managed to get the food in my mouth later, the way things were starting to go. And I wasn't even drinking! No shit, y'all, I do everything better when I drink. I used to think it was just pool, but apparently it's life.

So I have Rangers/Red Sox tickets for April! Very excited about that. First Red Sox...hell, first baseball game. But seriously, I have this problem where I always think about a torts case we read my first year. Girl got to the game in the seventh inning, sat down, and about 1.5 minutes later, took a ball right in the face and had to have reconstructive surgery and couldn't sue. (Something about obvious risk, yadda yadda.) And basically, they figured out that there was nothing she could have done--no movement or reaction--to prevent it. The ball was that fast. So here's hoping that doesn't happen twice.

And then the week before that, The Ting Tings are coming to The Paradise, which is the same club where I saw Fountains of Wayne. Perfect size venue, $25, yay!

And I'm trying to milk April, because May is starting to look like one ugly-ass bear. Giant research project due the 3rd, motion to suppress (hello again) the 4th, and my final exam the 5th--in fact I am having to have it moved from the 4th to the 5th because of court. Awesome. So what a great beginning to that month...

Though the plus side is, of course, getting to see family for graduation! I will just keep thinking about that part...

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