Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's not something you can just run away from like a hotel bill or a crying baby.

Is it wrong to be burned out on the first day?

I want to tell you about the most awesome thing I heard today. I have a 50-page competition brief due tomorrow (with a partner, so that helps) for which oral argument practice begins 3x a week starting next week.

Also this week, I have the first draft of a recommendation due for an organization taking on a prisoner's case, for which I also have to prep the presentation (again, with a friend) for next month. This one is not so bad at the moment.

Also have to finish the philosophy chapter from fucking hell that would not die. Revisions, baby.

Well, I am co-counsel on a trial next week (and because I was assigned late as co-counsel I have a fairly shit grasp on the substantive matters that lead counsel does but we're both too busy to get annoyed--me that he's not involving me and he that I'm not being more proactive) and our director said to me today--are you ready? cause this is what I was talking about earlier, this shit is fan-fucking-tastic--he said, "You can draft all the trial motions by Friday." He (knowing my shit week, thank god), picked up nearly instantly on the glazed look as well as my language. No, not THAT sort of language--though in our office that happens, too. No, I mean that because I am passive aggressive, I start to say things like "I will see what I can do/I'll do the best I can" and I think he knows me well enough by now to know that is my equivalent of "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME." So we got excused from this week's class exercise. (Meaning we just have to do it later sometime...)

I also have two interviews scheduled at the end of the month. One that I'm less excited about because it means staying here and the other I am very excited but scared about. I did not think I got the interview because of the law school "middle man" website service, but got notification today that I did. I still think I am low on their list of desirables, but I will just have to be memorable. (In an awesome way, not in a OH HOLY JESUS way.)

I was also happy to hear back from a fellowship I applied for that all my materials were received, except for a letter of recommendation I think a prof missed over the holiday. (He's sending tomorrow.) I just thought it was a very optimistic possibility that they could take the time to do that--perhaps they aren't overwhelmingly inundated with applications?? It's not a typical fellowship and would end before I even take the bar. It would begin at the Museum of Jewish Heritage and then take place largely in Auschwitz. (As I put it to my former supervisor at the tribunal when I told him I was using his name for a reference, "I hear it's a party city.") But seriously, though it's not a job opportunity, it does sound really incredible, given the field I prefer. At the end of the day, however, even if they are able to take the time to email me to say my app is incomplete, I do not come from the top tier crop these places prefer. :/

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