Monday, January 16, 2012

Honey that is so

If we lose our motion to dismiss Friday and have to go to trial, I am officially doing nothing Friday night but drinking and watching The Artist.

Or maybe In the Land of Blood & Honey. PERSPECTIVE. IT WILL GIVE ME SOME.

In all fairness, I will feel sort of cheated if the motion to dismiss is granted. This is a ton of work (I was at school all day prepping with co-counsel and our director). The burden isn't even on me (well, in argument--I still have a ton of research that is solely my responsibility and on which huge parts of our argument are based) but it is still taking up all my time and making other things...challenging.

So I thought I'd blog a little!

And I have a docket day this week (new clients), why the hell not.

Tomorrow I also have my Islamic law class. This was not a good idea. I mean, it's really interesting, but it's also really completely fucking new, I'm very much out of my depth. All the white people in class seem to be in the same boat, based on our brief little "why are you taking this class" survey last time. Then there are people who raise their hand and give answers that make me wonder, "Um, why are you bothering with this when you already seem to have more than a really solid grasp on these concepts..." Of course they should take the class, though, it's a new offering and no one really knew/knows what to expect.

I just know I can't pronounce shit in the readings and the spelling of things is often quite interchangeable and the pronunciation is often no help when desperately trying to decide what he's talking about in the readings.

I also apparently have to give a speech tomorrow night about my summer at a school function thrown by my fellowship people. There is, at least, free booze. On the downside, a lot of my favorite professors will be there, so I want to sound awesome. So definitely having a beer or two first.

And for one last kick in the nuts, I had to take my measurements to fax in my bridesmaid dress form today. THANKS. Which reminds me, "flask garter" is currently topping my birthday wish list.

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