Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my squishy.

Whew, I did 90 minutes of Bikram yoga today! It's 104 degrees in there and then you do 26 postures, 2 sets each, and 2 breathing exercises at the beginning and end which kinda sorta make you dizzy. It kicks my ass Big. Time. I did it for a while in Fort Worth--and it was easier then!! That was 2008 but wow those 3 years made a (totally depressingly) big difference, it would appear.

I have a 10 day pass so I need to really make it work...this shit's expensive! :O But if I use my booze money that's a help. ;)

I hope I can stick with it, though, because once I finished, I swear to god I was thinking, "I DESERVE A DOZEN CUPCAKES AND A HUGE BOTTLE OF RED WINE." I think that idea may not be my best.

Ok, I gotta get back to my shamefest known as AI. That's right, I'm owning it to the extent that I will abbreviate the title but I refuse to actually use the full title. I've been reading tax and professional responsibility all day, this is just what I need. INSIPID, SHALLOW PERFECTION.

So tonight the top 12 guys sing, the top 12 girls sing tomorrow, then they announce the final 12 (6 of each, sadly) on Thursday. I say sadly because there are about 4 guys I really adore but I couldn't name you a single chick right now. They were just all MEH to me somehow. Probably cause I'm gettin' old, don't recognize the songs and I FUCKING CRINGE when someone (one of the girls) goes, "I've never heard a Beatles song in my life!" Honey, I assure you. You have. But when you do that, not only do I want you gone, I want to physically slap you. I'm not violent, but your dream is to sing? I give the fuck up.

Anyway, this dude is Casey Abrams and he is TOTALLY my favorite. He can play and sing anything and he's goofy:

(Not worth watching after he finishes playing, it was just the only clip I could find.)

AND HE PLAYS THE STAND-UP BASS. FTW. (Most girls go for a guy with a cool car...me? I go for a stand-up bass. Which may be why I hang out in jazz clubs when I can.) ANYWAY. I'm sold, he's got my vote! ;)

Also, some night I'll probably have way too much to drink and tell you about how I think this show has made me start to like J-Lo, I NEVER THOUGHT THAT WAS POSSIBLE. Even funnier is that D does, too, and for some reason she was always TOP on his uber-celebrity-shit-list. (You would probably have to microwave kittens to top Mariah Carey on MY list, but whatevs.)

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