Saturday, March 26, 2011

Actually, there's one theory that the environmental movement of our day was sparked by the re-release of Bambi in the late 1950s.

ACK! The materials for fall registration have been posted, meaning I have to choose my fall classes soon and I can also see what is and isn't available for spring. It's my FINAL YEAR! Which kinda makes me want to do this:

There are still a shit-ton of things I want/need to take, and especially if I'm on the defense clinic, it really limits my options since I have to devote an entire Monday or Tuesday to that. This might be stressful, we'll see.

And then there's the end of spring 2012. Bar review and a big wedding in D.C.! Whoa. But speaking of taking the, let's talk about needing to get my shit together. As in, WHERE to go...

Ok, so you know how we all have that one (at least one) small talk question we hate getting? Like, what do you do? (Seriously, I usually hated that one.) Or if you're in undergrad--either "what's your major" or the always-awesome "what are you going to do when you graduate?" Lately, I have a new one. Most people know I'm not from here (alarmingly, I seem to bring it up as often as one might who was forced to live in Texas) so they ask me, "So, where are you going to take the bar?" Fucked if I know. I usually say, "Well, it kinda depends on who's going to hire me!" This is probably not the best way to plan where to take a $1,000 2- or 3-day exam, but there it is.

I do not want to practice in Massachusetts. For one thing, I'm pretty sure 1 in 4 people here is a lawyer. Also, I don't really like it. It's ok, but in a just-passing-through kinda way. If I were 24, I might feel differently, but I'm not, so I don't.

I hate saying "I don't want to practice in MA," because I'm afraid it will be like that time in undergrad that I said, "Well, I know I don't want to work in television." And we all know what happened there.

But I've been freaking myself out a little bit by reading up on the bar, mostly the Texas bar, and yeah, it scares the shit out of me. Take a look!

Day One Tuesday 20% (200 points) P&E and MPT (two sections)

Procedure & Evidence Exam (P&E 10%)
Multi‐state Performance Test (MPT 10 %)
3 hours total (90 min. each)

Day Two Wednesday 40% (400 points): The Multi‐state Bar Exam (MBE)

200 multiple‐choice questions
100 a.m., 100 p.m. – 6 hours (3hours each)

Day Three Thursday 40% (400 hundred points): 12 Texas Essays

6 essay a.m., 6 essays p.m.
6 hours total (30 minutes per essay)

About $700, $750 with laptop.

12 Essay Questions:
(2) Texas Real Property
(including Oil and Gas)
(2) Business Associations
(2) UCC
(2) Family Law
(including Marital Property)
(2) Wills & Estates
(1) Trusts or Guardianship
(1) Consumer Law

So let me also take a moment here to say um, oil and gas law? About the most I know about oil and gas law I got from There Will Be Blood. (Seriously, that milkshake line is all about the law of capture. Done.) And it's a BIG AREA.

Or I could practice 5 years somewhere else and then Texas will let me come practice there without the bar. I totally looked that up, too.

Sometimes I look at the morons around me who are Real Lawyers and go, well fuck, they managed to pass it. But then I remind myself I don't know how many times they took it.

Oh and I'm still trying to find a place in The Hague to live, my (hopefully) roommate is as well. Our luck is stalling a bit in this department. I wrote 14 emails yesterday, 5 nopes so far. :/

Ok, fingers crossed, off to go plan next year's courses!


Friend L said...

Thinking about next year makes you want to drink from the toilet? You're right, Massachusetts has not been good for you.

Ellen Aim said...

Smart ass. I thought an actual photo of someone yakking up might be poorly received.

Though in my defense, MA has done its share of *trying* to make me drink toilet water, recalling that boil order last was even during finals studying, if memory serves!