Saturday, March 05, 2011

Napoleon, don’t be jealous that I’ve been chatting online with babes all day.

I may have laughed out loud several times, but Take Me Home Tonight still gets a straight-up C.

For one thing, those were cocktail-infused laughs. For another, I doubt I would laugh the second time.

Topher Grace was good as always, doing his Topher Grace thing. Anna Faris was criminally underused to the point I had to wonder why they bothered. The chick who played the love interest was so totally forgettable, uninteresting and vanilla that I refuse to bother looking up her name. And Grace's sidekick buddy was decent and probably the most humorous character in the film, but we're talking hardcore Poor Man's Oliver Platt. It would have been awkward, I suppose, for Grace to have a 48-year-old bff, so they couldn't actually hire Oliver Platt. But wow.

I do respect the movie's R rating, because this is the type of film that usually reeks of PG-13 desperation. There was an immense amount of swearing, one gratuitous boob scene, and plenty of cocaine. (Apparently the coke usage was controversial? Dude, you already have your R rating and you're pretending it's the 80s, go for it. Anyway.)

And not to nit-pick, but you know, it really felt more like 1991 somehow, not so mid-80s.

Overall, glad I saw it. But it just utterly lacked the sort of charm that made Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist surprisingly cute. I don't think the setting or decade matters as much as the characters and writing. If you get the latter two right, you can make it the 80s, present day or whatever, who cares. This one was basically a fail.

I'm not sure if I get to see The Adjustment Bureau tonight. I got an email this morning from the professor for whom I'm doing research, and she is in dire need of additional research on a completely different topic by the end of the week. HAHAHA. SURE WHY NOT.

Seriously, the email goes something like:

Can you look up [topic] and [topic] regarding [other issue, none of which I have any background in] and cite all this [crap I've listed below]? And prepare summaries on [this case] and [this case] and [this other case or 5] and relate it back to [that original topic you know nothing about]? kthxbai.

Only way longer.

And naturally, those are not case NAMES but more like "the case involving that thing with those people."

So that kinda woke me up this morning.

On the downside of completely unrelated things, I got an email today about an upcoming show for Paul Simon in Boston. Same week as the Katy Perry show, neither of which I get to see since I won't be in town. Seriously? Paul Simon, too? FML. Though my wallet is eternally grateful.

On the plus side, again, related to nothing, I had 3 inches of hair snipped off yesterday (at the stylist's suggestion...Boston and my hair are not getting along it would seem) and he made it a nice darker auburn color for spring. So I can be all pretty while I'm holed up in my hovel reading and shit.

But today is going to involve Indian buffet, that's all I know. Well, and lots of reading. LOTS.

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