Monday, March 21, 2011

You know what? Fuck you! How about that?

I think I have the beginnings of an ulcer (not as bad as it sounds, really) and why YES, YES that IS snow outside! Coming down like a motherfucker, now that you mention it!

To be filed under: FML and Boston, too.


Anonymous said...


Keep your eyes on the Arts and Jazz Festival!

Ellen Aim said...

Word. And the 2nd annual Bacon & Beer fest, FINGERS CROSSED IT IS NOT THE SAME WEEKEND OMFG.

I'm ok with cutting out alcohol now if it means I can consume at those times!! (Right now tea and coffee seem to be much bigger triggers, but I've only had white wine, so who knows.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would imagine coffee would be the worst. Water is good. :)

Fingers crossed it is not the same weekend!

Ellen Aim said...


Oh well, let's have our own bacon and beer fest, fuck them.

Veloute said...

We SHALL have our own beer and bacon fest. I will exercise a little more today after writing that sentence.