Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hey. You guys made me ink.

So I only watched Limitless yesterday. I was hungry afterward, I couldn't help it. But it was a fun movie, I enjoyed it.

First of all, I don't think this is a very good film for the whole "just say no" drug campaign because I pretty much spent the next couple hours after the movie wanting that drug and being really jealous.

It's got a lot going on visually and for the most part, it's effective. There is one effect they do during the opening credits and then later in the movie that basically just made me want to punch someone, because it got old REAL. FAST. Shorter is (in this case, anyway) definitely sweeter, guys.

I also read a few reviews that said the visual effects and rapid pace seemed to be smoke and mirrors for the lack of structure. I disagree, but I do think the film occasionally buckled under the weight of trying to effectively tackle the book (which I have not read). I thought it did a pretty successful job, although I'm not sure about the ending. I typically love ambiguity, but I guess I just wasn't expecting it? But it was a fun movie with a couple squirm-worthy moments.

And I was glad to see that Bradley Cooper did a really great job carrying the movie.

This character, in the wrong hands, could have been really smarmy, weaselly or arrogant and unlikable, and BC kinda made it look effortless. He pulled off "charming motherfucker" quite well. I was getting a little tired of the smooth jerk type roles he kept landing (I guess The A-Team doesn't count, but I've tried to block that memory from my life), so hopefully variety is on the horizon.

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