Friday, April 01, 2011

Watch my mouth? You gotta be shittin' me!

Slowly, things are coming together! I HAVE A SUIT! I wasn't even planning on getting a suit when I went out...I had a $50 Express gift card from xmas and was desperately in need of pants or a skirt, just in general. My most-often used pair of trousers has a bizarre and unfortunately-placed stain that won't seem to go away and my black skirt is slowly falling apart. I wanted to wait until I lost a little weight, but oh well. Easier to take stuff in than somehow make things bigger...

So! No pants or skirts, but I did get a suit and some shirts for it! It's a brownish-grey, so I like that it's different, and it's a skirt suit. Hooray! On the downside, my motivation to live close to work is doubly so now, since I don't really envision bicycling in a tight pencil skirt.

Also no place to live yet, but there are two potentially on the horizon. There is also potentially an attic involved in one of them. The rent is fabulous, but I asked for photos. I mean, fuck, does it have a WINDOW? :/

I also do not have a ticket yet. And prices seem to have gone up. :( Baby steps. SUIT!

And yes, it snowed bunches last night. It was very hard to get up this morning, Mouchette was curled up in my arms, purring LOUDLY as he does, and you can really hear the wind from the 8th floor. And I know I just have to spend the day researching and writing about foreign direct investment and the WTO. Who WOULDN'T spring out of bed?

(I would also like to note that while both cats did get up with me, ten minutes later they totally snuck back to the bed.)

I took a break from the research last night to hit my hipster Cambridge bar for a few beers and to read my defense clinic binder. So I haven't even REGISTERED for this clinic yet, but the guy in charge has already sent us enough emails in one week to yield about a 3-inch stack of paper. They are slip opinions of recent (relevant) criminal defense cases. I just stuck them in a binder and figured I'd have a go at it over beer soon.

Despite the workload, some of the emails do have messages like, "Read this! Extreme miscarriage of justice SUCKS!" So at least he seems like a cool dude.

But oh, let's take a moment to examine how sad *I* can be. So I was reading this one case last night and the charges seemed bizarre and made me giggle.

The defendant was convicted of murder in the first degree on theories of deliberate premeditation and extreme atrocity and cruelty, unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of a large capacity feeding device, and unlawful possession of ammunition.

A large capacity feeding device? It just seemed really out of place, it amused me. (And to be honest, some of these cases can get awfully weird.) I was on my first beer and I can only pathetically offer than I had been reading about economics all day and wasn't in a "criminal law" mental place yet...?

I was soon joined by my bartender friend BW who had worked the lunch shift and subsequently came over to hang out once he finished his shift. I didn't say anything, just showed him the line and even he (who is very bright) laughed and said, "What the hell, like a trough?" (Of course, he's 24, from Maine and probably most importantly, not studying criminal law!)

I blame growing up with a parent who writes for the USDA, that's one excuse. Being totally naive (the nice way to put it) is probably more apt...

And you know, when I retire and write my novels for millions, it will probably be more interesting to incorporate some (um, illegal?) agricultural mass-feeding instrument, but in the meantime? In REALITY? First of all, context is a big red flag. It's a gun thing.

A "large capacity feeding device" basically means being able to fire off huge amounts of ammunition in one go, be it with a giant magazine or some other thing I wouldn't know about, but you get the idea. I think there was recent-ish legislation banning their usage (obviously). (BW looked it up on his iphone while we were laughing about it, it even brought up pics.)

So uh, I felt kinda dumb. BUT! If you google "large capacity feeder device" instead of "feeding device," well, you mostly get pics of big bird feeders and um, xerox machines. Again, context is a pretty important thing, huh.

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Veloute said...

I was envisioning some sort of huge funnel. Okay. Context.