Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Oh God, I pierced the toast!

So I got to see F. Murray Abraham introduce (an actual 35mm print of the director's cut) of Amadeus! It was a smallish theater (about 100 seats) near my school I never knew existed. It's not a "real" theater but one the theatre district seems to use for special screenings and obscure foreign films. (I've only been here nearly two years, wtf.)

Anyway, it was pretty much sold out, but I got a front-row seat. Abraham was a very good speaker, very entertaining and I think he could have gone on for quite a while! It was at 630pm, however, as they had to rush him off for the mainstage show--he is in town playing Shylock in The Merchant of Venice.

And then a few days later, I ran into Abraham at one of my regular bars in the theatre district! I chatted with him briefly--he is incredibly laid back, easygoing and fun to talk to. Apparently he was raised in TX as well, which I found surprising.

And apparently I have to go to Italy for these...

I had said I was pretty sure nothing will ever taste as good as they look in the film. (Although I read that in the film they were just marzipan, and Elizabeth Berridge didn't realize she could just spit them out. She ended up eating about 15 whole ones though they were totally disgusting...she finally had to go make herself sick. Huh, well they sure LOOK awesome!)

And COMPLETELY unrelated, I registered for my final fall semester this morning! Estate and gift tax, business planning, advanced legal writing in connection with the Innocence Project, laws of war and of course my clinic. The former two are an effort to be well rounded and employable. I am looking forward to BP far more than the tax class, I can assure you. The laws of war is part of finishing an international concentration and the writing is an effort to have more/better writing samples at the ready, plus I've already taken a writing class with the professor who teaches it.

First time I got all the classes I wanted, sheesh...

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