Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thor's a homo.

I am so grateful for Logan Airport's free wifi and the rule that you can totally buy alcohol as of 8am. FTW. Boston may have some shitty rules when it comes to alcohol, but every once in a while...

Bagel with cream cheese and a white wine, the breakfast of champions. So much for that diet...*cough*

(I take a Dramamine when I fly, so this ensures a fairly comatose flight.)

Well, I am done with half my classes, finals included. To be fair, one of those was trial team and one was a class that ended in March. But I turned in my professional responsibility take-home final yesterday. That was one goddamn joke of a class, it did FUCK ALL to prepare me for the MPRE. (That's the ethics exam I have to take prior to taking the bar.)

I may be taking my international law final at home if the registrar's office gets their shit together. I have never asked them a single question that didn't involve consultation with someone else who works there. Either they are all completely ignorant or always brand-new. Or both?

I also found out that the precious angel of a woman in the financial aid office who whimsically wrote off my remainder tuition for this past semester that wasn't covered by grant or federal loan *totally disappeared*. (For the record it wasn't much but it was to me!) :( God forbid they employee people who 1) know what they're doing 2) can see the bigger picture 3) go out of their way for students. That is SO not my school's MO most of the time... (though I do like my school mostly, promise).

ANYWAY. At the airport!!! :D Can't wait for Jazz Fest this weekend! I will be somewhat good and/or do some extra Jillian Michaels to go with. ;)

I did get a break to see a movie the other day--I saw Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. (Also known as the new Morgan Spurlock documentary--the guy who did SuperSize Me.)

I was worried it couldn't sustain 90 minutes. It's basically about transparency in the advertising world, specifically product placement. It's cute and funny and there's even some interesting "conflict," for lack of a better word. Basically, the movie is completely supported by product placement, but the point is to have transparency and have it be his own movie. But all the products (obviously) have their own contracts, so it gets a little blurry (in his mind) as to keeping a balance between his goal and accidentally becoming their bitch. So it's no SSM, but it was definitely fun and I enjoyed it.

Oh and I think I am going to LOVE The Killing. Only 30 minutes in (blame law school), but it's a very austere Twin Peaks so far. I know that's probably already a tired comparison, but it's true! It's the way the opening unfolds, cutting back and forth between the investigation and the kids at the high school and finding out she may not have been the most morally upstanding kids (judging by her acquaintances so far). Though I have yet to see an actual dead body, unlike TP. But whereas TP had a warm, swanky feel to it, this absolutely feels as stark as the new Wallander series--bleak as hell.

And I absolutely don't want it to be a "new Twin Peaks," I know it will be its own series, but I am enjoying the opening nonetheless.

Ok, nearly flight time!

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