Monday, May 16, 2011


Wow, sure glad I left the bar when I did yesterday evening (6pm--and mostly I was there for their cheese enchiladas, thank you) and not 20 minutes earlier, cause that's when this shit went down.

I had to drive past it and for once, I cannot slight anyone for slowing down to look.

On a much lighter note, FRIGHT NIGHT, BITCHES!

I have so many issues with this, I do. I want to love Colin Farrell but just not sure I can trust him to carry this (when) it sucks. Why is Evil Ed suddenly a nerd? Where the fuck is Mr. Vincent? AND WHO THE FUCK MADE CHARLIE COOL?!!

Sigh. Nothing about it seems right. I could get all upset that they're getting it wrong, but you could argue that if they're going to re-make it, they might as well try a new spin. After all, if they're just going to replicate it, why bother at all?

(To be fair, I mostly don't think they should have bothered at all.)

But I am looking forward to it anyway and will just try to go into it imagining it is a whole other movie.

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