Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I want to go to there.

Today is a GOOD DAY. I tend to equate my relationships with cities with certain types of people relationships. (None of which I have ever had, really.) Tokyo is the occasionally abusive boyfriend I just can't stop loving. (We get along 95% of the time but occasionally Tokyo smacks me around to remind me who's in charge. And I will always come back.) Austin is the awesome college sweetheart you still fantasize about. Boston is the guy a work acquaintance set you up with; there's no chemistry, but you keep going on awkward dates anyway because it's company and there's nothing else to do.

And Den Haag was starting to feel like a bad Harvard boyfriend--all pretense and reputation but no actual substance. My supervisor (who in fairness has been here nearly 5 years) is just about done with the place and he described it as being expensive for no good reason...to which I said, "Hey! I know that! It's Boston!" (Unlike New York, for example, which one can understand being so pricey.)

But today is a good day. I got my money changed (the story of what a goddamn pain in the ass that was is so coming in a following post), which was phenomenally easy to get to--another story there--meaning I had time leftover to get a phone (YAY!), get a train/tram pass, go to Centraal Station and figure out how to use the bus to get near my house (2.50EU instead of 13EU taxi). It meant leaving work early today but that was (whew!) fine.

Now I can FINALLY update this thing. I started writing a couple days ago, but there were PICS to be managed. I am also listening to 2 of my new itunes albums courtesy of Veloute and fam. I haven't bought my 3rd one yet. ;) So right now it's Adele's 21 and the Mumford & Sons album. Add to that: red wine, my leftover choco almonds and pretzels and several open windows in my Dutch attic (insert Dutch Oven or Anne Frank joke here) and I am a lot less stressed than I have been.

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