Thursday, May 26, 2011

The master will kill you for this! But not fast. Slowly! Oh, so slowly!

Ok, so the Blue Lagoon! This is THE thing to do in Reykjavik. I was on the first bus out so I could relax and spend as much time as I wanted. The unexpectedly nice part of that was we got there just before they opened, so it was empty and serene. Everyone was with friends but me, so I was all set to get in while everyone else was changing and chatting. I had the whole thing to myself for nearly 10 minutes. :O

So the hotspring (it's not really a hotspring, actually, it's..."geothermal seawater") is actually located between the Eurasian and American tectonic plates--so you're basically relaxing between two continents! It's quite different from a hotspring in one way because the temperatures are so odd--it's nice and warm, but as you wander around, you'll hit a cool or hot patch. And sometimes there'll be a cool patch around your legs, but it's warm around your torso. But regardless, very nice. And it was super chilly outside, so relaxing in the hotspring was ideal that day.

Oh, and I did not take these pictures. My hairdresser--whom I saw two days before flying out--told me not to! Oddly enough, he and his wife love Iceland and have been there 5 times in the past year and a half. He warned me that the air was so salty, you shouldn't use your camera because it will become corroded. LOTS of people were using their cameras. Whatever, I'm happy not to take the risk!

And it was salty--it wasn't bothersome or anything, but it was obviously noticeable. And nor was there enough that you floated--it's not the Dead Sea! The floor is an odd texture--nice and just a little rough. I found two parts that were nothing but soft white sand-mud, it was NEAT. It was hard to get it in your hand to bring to the surface for a look, it was that soft and silky.

And it was also NOT Japan. There was a wade-up bar that served beer, wine, sodas and ice cream bars. The Japanese would be beside themselves. Luckily, this was not Japan so I absolutely treated myself to a couple 900IS beers. (Yes, those are $8.50 beers.)

Another reason I'm glad it wasn't Japan is that initially, I didn't put sunscreen on. But suddenly around 11, you actually could feel the sun on your skin. So I went inside to put some on my face and shoulders. I felt weird at first (I mean, you're polluting the water!), but I value my skin more than their water. And it was a GOOD MOVE. I actually still burned on my arms and a little on my back where I hadn't put lotion since they were underwater. Not enough underwater, it turns out.

My hairdresser had also told me the hotdog stand there was THE. SHIT. And you have to get it "with everything." Awesomely, that dog was the cheapest thing I bought my whole trip. 300IS for a bitchin' hot dog (in Iceland, a mixture of pork, beef and lamb), whose bun was layered with fried onions, then the sausage, then topped with a delicious mustard and remoulade. (There is ketchup, too, but abandon be damned, I said NO KETCHUP.) And anyway, wtf is "remoulade," you ask? The interweb says:

Remoulade. This is an originally French sauce meant to be used with fish (we also love it with roast beef). The basic recipe is mayonnaise mixed with capers, mustard, herbs, anchovies, and gherkins, but I think the Icelandic version leaves out the anchovies. At any rate, no one makes it at home because of all the work involved.

That sounds awful! I had no idea. But it was really good, so whatever.

It was VERY. RELAXING. I had the hotdog after I had showered and dressed (leaving most of the conditioner in my hair, per my hairdresser! That place KILLS your hair, but I'd say it's worth it!) and then headed out around 2:15. The BL is 45 minutes away from Reykjavik, also known as "just enough time for a catnap."

Then I puttered around town and headed back to my guesthouse to get ready for dinner at Dill. That really will be another post. I wrote this one because I'm still waiting for B to get home. It is flat-out raining now, and I absolutely lucked out today by going outside for lunch to get an umbrella. I knew if I kept putting it off, I'd regret it!

(Seriously, going outside during the day is a big deal. Jesus, going to the bathroom is a big deal. Most of the doors require scanning your badge, even on the same floor, and there's a metal detector on the ground floor when you enter the building...and in general, the building is one wacky-ass shape that makes it impossible to find the same place twice. It's no UNT Music Building, but it's a close second.)

So THAT was a close damn save getting the umbrella. No idea where B's at, but not too worried. There's a young man at work I suspect may be involved...I have only recently (finally) acquired a phone but she's without until the weekend. I told myself I'd give her til 8:30, then it's time for me to get some dinner! I have been craving a greasy burger for some may be due to my rabbit-like lunches lately and my two mile daily walks! (Work is a mile away.)

But I need to finish up my post-work glass of wine first...

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