Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Someone is staring at you in "personal growth."

So I keep forgetting to post about what's getting me through the days at work. Well, we don't celebrate the traditional Valentine's Day because who doesn't hate that wretched holiday? Now that I'm married, sure, I'm in the clear, but I think every year before that I was single. Plus it's just an awful commerical crock of shit. You might argue that Christmas is commercial and I would say that totally doesn't count.

Anyhoo, I stole the Japanese way of doing the holiday (which is perhaps far more commercially lucrative so I'm surprised it's not the norm over here), which is to say Valentine's Day is for the boy and White Day on March 14 is for the girl. But we don't buy flowers or shit like that. Except for MUA frog.

We have a stuffed frog we found at the grocery store late one night which D found with the Spanish toys. The frog's holding a big heart that says, "MUUUA." And I really don't know why, we're both fairly bright, but we were pronouncing it "Moo-ah." And we're like, what the fuck does that mean? We thought it was funny and bought it. The next day D was asking a bilingual friend about it and they had no idea. I forget who actually suggested it, but apparently, Mua Frog is really, "Mwwah!" like lipsmacking kisses. I still feel incredibly stupid. But we still call him Mua Frog and he still sits in the bedroom. So I guess that was a commercial purchase, but whatever.

Anyway. Ideally, we don't spend money at all, but hopefully just spend the day together. (This is why I have pictures of us on our neighboring golf course in Addison on a Monday, each of us taking pictures of the other in various poses, covered in fake blood. No one was on the course at the time and there was a gate that linked our apartments to the course. They may have wondered about the blood stains in the grass but it never came back to us).

But anyhoo. This year for his Valentine's Day and mostly for his birthday (it's the big 3-0 so had to do something...and it's hard to do something when his bday is on St. Patricks Day--you try going out, it sucks), I rented a cabin in Tennessee in the middle of nowhere. What the fuck, you ask?

Well, I was doing research on hot springs (mostly in Japan, to be honest) and as for images, found a shot of a steamy hot tub on a cabin porch. A little more research and reading and I thought, hell yeah, why not? The first place I found was in North Carolina but I was originally thinking about driving since it seems like the sort of place you'd want to bring as much food as possible (there's a grill). And that's a long-ass drive, so isn't TN closer? Yes, it is. (Plus, already been to North Carolina). But D nixed the driving part and we're flying.

Green stuff? Up high? What's that? A landscape that isn't flat and barren? Ok, North Texas isn't that bad, but it ain't this.

So our place at Fireside Chalet & Cabin Rental has a pool table, hot tub on the porch, jet tub inside, kitchen, DVD player, a couple TVs, a grill outside and a fireplace. Each cabin has its own little name. However ideal this cabin is, it also has by far the most unfortunate name which I refuse to type here.

But yes, we plan on bringing some really inappropriate movies--like anything with people getting lost in the woods. Not a Blair Witch fan myself, but you get the idea. And no, we've both already seen Deliverance; as I was asking my dad and sister last night, "Who the fuck watches Deliverance twice?" Seriously.

Then in March (for White Day), D picked out a downtown Fort Worth hotel where we always wanted to stay (ok, actually the one we typically eye was full so instead we went for the Hilton on the same street). Coincidentally, I think it's the same week as spring break and therefore, his birthday. So by god, we can go out for St. Paddy's Day and we won't have to park!!

We're going to stay here for a couple nights and get to play around in Fort Worth. I feel like I never really spend time downtown and it's a great area. So this way we can eat and drink and just walk back to our hotel! I didn't even realize until after we booked it that this was the hotel JFK spent his last night in. Room 805, apparently.

And with any luck, we can hop over across the street to see something playing here! Only been to Bass Performance Hall once, so it'd be great to be able to just walk over for a performance.

Anyhoo, that's what gets me through my tedious hours at work for now.

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