Sunday, February 17, 2008

It has not been a good night for Clifford.

So there's this really bad movie--like, really bad--that I have not seen in years but have secretly been wanting to watch again.

Not only has it never been on DVD but it's OOP on VHS. There are 2 on ebay, one for $9.99 and the other for $0.99. Clearly, I bid on the second, but not til after I realized someone else had already bid on it. I'm up to $5 and this person already has higher bids knocking me out.

How much am I willing to go on the record as having bid for Modern Girls? It's so terrible but maybe it's the nostalgia recalling an odd charm it has. Maybe I just want to see Daphne Zuniga hanging up on customers or Virginia Madsen wasted in a water fountain (the fuck was her problem, anyway? Just monumentally drunk?). Really great clothes, needless to say, it's from 1986.

There's an hour twenty-three left in the auction. We'll see.

Jesus. Someone out there is actually bidding on this fucking movie besides me.

Editor's Note: It's MINE!!!


Alex said...

Oh, c'mon. That movie has charm.

And a Depeche Mode song!

Plus, you can tell they had so much fun making that movie. Er, I hope.

Alex said...

P.S. I love that you used that first image.

Ellen Aim said...

Dude, one of my FAVORITE DM songs.

Daphne's *hair* had so much fun making that movie.

And I was love that image--I actually had to tinker with it in Photoshop for it to be usable...