Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm very sorry, Gaston... but... but I just don't deserve you!

I have actually exercised for two days now. Not in a row (shah), but there was only one day in between. Which I think might actually be a wiser move for someone as embarrassingly out of shape as myself. On a recommendation, I've been using Crunch: Burn & Firm Pilates.

As instructors go, Ellen is very decent. She reminds me of Donna on Twin Peaks, but if Donna did coke. At least she's not CHIRPY or artificial. I don't hate her. But she is crazy. I mean, this is 52 minutes long and she's talking throughout the whole thing. I'm sure it's like walking up a single flight of stairs for her, but it's sort of kicking my ass. Infact, I'm doing it in thirds. It's beating my ass and stealing my lunch money. But I think that's supposed to be a good thing. And the cat watches. He's always very intrigued by what the fuck I'm doing. He just looks vaguely appalled.

On a completely separate note, I had no idea, but Alex clued me in to the death of John Alvin, an artist responsible for so many movie posters. I never realized how many iconic posters this man had done! They're all really amazing, most of my favorites have been burned into my brain since childhood with their very memorable images.

Ok, so I don't really recall that Goonies one, but it's still cool. He also did ET, Alien, The Princess Bride, the anniversary Star Wars posters (which I still have) and most recently, I believe, the poster for the new Rambo movie.

Considering the movie, it's a pretty classy poster. (And D saw it yesterday, though he quite enjoyed it. He said it was very graphic and violent, something its red-band trailer certainly promised. And really, I have to salute it for at least being true to the action genre, unlike some other action franchises *cough*DieHard*cough* selling out to the PG-13 pull).

But I digress. I just had no idea one person had done all those, so it's sad to read of his death earlier this month.

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