Thursday, February 21, 2008

Does the hot weather make you behave badly? Good heavens, you're blushing.

I'm taking a brief film break to advocate snackies and voting...

Woo hoo! Hillary Clinton can count at least one more vote for her camp. We tried to vote last night but it was the wrong location. Hey, leave us alone--we're not used to early primary voting here in Texas.

Not to be a total dork, but I am pretty excited that my vote is actually mattering for once. Kind of. In my head, anyway. I have yet to vote for a winner (DID I MENTION IT'S TEXAS??) since I typically only know the regular election and was never old enough to vote for Bill Clinton. D is voting tomorrow since his schedule was not happy today.

And yeah, I guess we're a little dorky. A few weeks ago D was expressing just how much he loved M&Ms (he was eating ones with almonds) and that they'd have to be in his top 5 candies ever. I wasn't sure what mine were, but I thought maybe Heath/Skor would be in there for sure. And I said you know, I doubt I could tell the difference between the two--but I know there is a difference.

Apparently, I can't. We each stopped at the store the next day and got five traditional less-common candies for the other to sample blind-folded. I cannot tell the difference between Skor and Heath (though go D, he sure can). We both realized we'd never had Goobers before, though they've been around forever (jesus, the name may have something to do with that). 100 Grand, Butterfinger, Butter Mints, Mr. Goodbar, Caramello, were some of those to make appearances.

And we jokingly said we should do the same for the barrage of popcorn flavors...well, they had a 4 for $5 for sale today, so guess what we're sampling! All Orville Redenbacher:


It is what it is. It is not bad at all. Tasty. (But DO note the "designing web sites" book BEHIND the bag of popcorn, a clever shot of PROCRASTINATION, if you will).

Ultimate Butter:

Eat this shit as fast as you can. It is a big bag of chemicals. The BRIGHT YELLOW is your first clue. Like at the theatre when we used to do 2 squirts of oil on the batch cooking (typically after the rush so we'd get to eat it rather than the patrons, like any good customer service minions would do). As it gets colder, it becomes rapidly more apparent how disgusting it is.

Old-Fashioned Butter:

After the previous two, it might take you aback to take it down a notch, but this is the superior choice so far. Minimal, but more punch.

Movie Theatre Popcorn:

Honestly? The clear winner. Even though working against it was the fact that it's what we always get, it really does have that feeling of eighteen focus groups having narrowed down what makes popcorn yummy. Who'da thunk a focus group could help anything?

Sweet & Salty:

Lots of objections from the dad and the husband on the next two, sweeter types. But real tasty shit, if you ask me. It's unusual but incredibly yum--a very welcome change from the norm.

Kettle Korn:

Not bad, tasty. Nothing like Jazz Fest kettle corn, but fun in any case. I'll eat it up even if the husband won't get near it. And may I recommend plain M&Ms to go with all of these? Way the hell tasty.

Sodas may indeed be next...

Who says we don't have enough shit to keep us busy?


MacGuffin said...

Dani and I voted for Clinton as well. I kinda figured you for an Obama girl. He'll win it but for various reasons she got our vote anyways. Whatever Dem wins it, they'll be better than numbnuts by by leaps and bounds.

Ellen Aim said...

I don't think you're the first to have assumed I'd vote for Obama, I don't know what about me says that...but yup, would definitely prefer Clinton even though I'm not necessarily *opposed* to Obama winning which yes, he may indeed do...

I would at least like to see her pull off Texas.

MacGuffin said...

I didn't mean any thing negative by it, I like both candidates. He just seems to enjoy the younger vote below, say.. 35 and also the well educated demographic. Pigeonholing anyone is usually a dicey thing.

I know what you mean about your vote finally counting. Who knows, she just might be able to do it.

Ellen Aim said...

Lol, I wasn't offended! As long as one of 'em whups McCain, that's all I can ask!

And we can even CAUCUS Tues night if we want...oooooh...not even too sure if there's a point? It's all so foreign to us here...