Friday, February 01, 2008

I can't see you. I could be having sex with Gregory Peck or something.

I did it! Yes, thanks to Triana's link to these cookies, I bring you...

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Can I get a hell yeah?

I admit, I didn't sample the batter when I was making it as I sometimes do (no I don't, mom) because it kind of scared me. I mean, look at it.

Scary. But they actually are quite tasty! My maple icing was much darker than in her pics, but it tastes great, so whatever.

I'm taking a plate to work tomorrow to prove that however weird they think I am, I can show them they haven't got a clue. Hooray!

On a completely separate note, I've also been listening to the [new?] Lily Allen. I say "new" in that it probably came out in the UK in 2005 and we got it in 06 and it has been on my wishlist about that long. I broke down and bought it and it's seriously one of the best albums I've heard in ages.

This is quite the catchy tune...very sassy upbeat music with lyrics that seem to be about, well...they seem to be about a girl who has to ride around on her bicycle after getting her license revoked and so she starts really noticing events around her which are pretty depressing. Good stuff. (I can't help the first 45 seconds, who knows).

But what a bitchin' album.

Watched 2 Days In Paris, written and directed by Julie Delpy. Hmm. Not bad, but nothing I need to see again. Nothing particularly exciting...Adam Goldberg does his sound sarcastic thing that's pretty enjoyable and who doesn't like Julie Delpy...but meh. I kind of hated her character a little...or at least found her slightly psychotic, which I guess you're supposed to.

Also watched The Browning Version (the 1951 Michael Redgrave version), recommended by my dad, which wasn't nearly as much of a downer as I expected (it wasn't going so well for a while there). But it had a great ending and I really enjoyed it. Don't know if it'll break into the top 100, but glad to have seen it.


Triana said...


I was thinking of making them tonight. BRILLIANT!

Vel! Get in the car, we're going to Ellen's house!!

Ellen Aim said...

There are still a few leftover! They're yuuuuuummy!!

Veloute said...

I'll be right there. I wish!