Sunday, December 16, 2007

Well, might I ask what you expected to see out of a Torquay hotel bedroom window? Sydney Opera House, perhaps?

D and I are doing our Christmas tonight, as it's hard for us to both be off on the same day, especially during the holidays. Apparently I've gone a little crazy for the past two years so I'm supposed to keep it low key this year. I got a couple things for him and told him I'd make dinner--this delicious spread from an older Fine Cooking involving oysters, pork shoulder roast and a pasta dish with caviar.

I went to Central Market last night and oh holy jesus. I think I spent more at last night's visit than ever before (in one go, anyway). I had to get a different cut of pork but it was still hella pricey (I mean, it's eight pounds) and the caviar was a little more than I expected but at the same time, fuck it. I got Royal Transmontanus Caviar. Yes, it's this brand. No, was not as pricey as on this site. They did have a different type of caviar at CM for $440 for 30g, and it wasn't even beluga. I did not get that one, either. I laughed at the man and he said the beluga would have been more.

My caviar!

The pork has a cranberry marinade, seen here...

And then adorning said pork...

On a bed on onions... (It was supposed to be pork shoulder roast but they were out and center cut loin had to be substituted instead. Whatever, right?)


Oh, and a brief interlude to mention our tree, Niles Firguson. He's a Fraser Fir, so we thought it only appropriate.

and the lights are out!

I also prepped the pasta-egg-caviar dish. It uses parpadelle pasta and poached eggs. I had never made poached eggs. It was sooooo cool.

I could make these all the time. Not sure if I'll like eating them, but whatever. I have to store them in cold water til tonight (below, though you can't really see the water). The yolks should be a little runny so they mix with the butter on the pasta.

And there will be caramel cake for dessert. Made the sauce (which is also used in the batter)...

Tasty batter.

And the (hopefully) finished product. It had to cook THIRTY MINUTES LONGER than the recipe suggested. WTF.

And the sauce waits.

It's break time. AKA, lunch time. With which I'm going to watch Through a Glass Darkly, which I don't think I've ever seen. What? I heard it was a really upbeat Christmas movie, is it not?


Veloute said...

I'll be right over. OMG! YUM!

Merry Christmas :)

Triana said...

*Homer drooling noises*

As will I! WOW!

Ellen Aim said...

There are plenty of leftovers for both of you!!

The caviar was really good. I think it tastes like the sea but it reminds D of fresh water.

I cooked the caramel sauce a HAIR too long so it has that smoky hint to it I'm not crazy about, like it's a smidgen too dark.

Pork was great, celery root/potato dish was fab (more on that later) and I think I'm done with oysters! These were pretty big and uh, a lot of time to chew.

Veloute said...

The oysters I have had are small and not hard to chew. I'm sorry :( Your oyster experience reminds me of my escargo experience; one I am in no hurry to reproduce.

I hate when I do that to caramel.

Damn, I am hungry all over again!

Oh, and I love that you named your tree?! He is oh so elegant.

Ellen Aim said...

I think I would need about eight beers before escargot, but it might happen one day.

I'm working on the caramel thing. I've made the popcorn twice. Once I pulled it off way too early and then second time I pretty much made cracker jacks.

Last year we had Jennifir Connolltree. We're going to run out soon....