Friday, December 28, 2007

Mr. Garrison, every Christmas you suggest we get rid of the Mexicans and every Christmas we tell you no.

So yesterday D and I were at the grocery store buying a cake and started questioning the cake girl about what was in each. We've been assigned the task of buying one for D's parents 40th anniversary (surprise) dinner this Saturday. More on that in another post.

I thought Italian cream cake had coconut (I was right) and then we weren't sure about what was in the Tres Leche cake, as it was just white with nuts and somewhat mysterious looking. The girl started to describe the icing and how it really wasn't up her alley, personally. Then she kind of sized us up, paused, and said, "Ok, not to make it a race thing...but Mexicans buy that cake. Always. All of them."

I thought it was a hysterical segue to be talking about cakes and then start a sentence with, "Not to make it a race thing..." I mean, I really wanted to know where that was going. She herself was an albino African American, so at least it could have been worse. But still. I wasn't even sure what it meant (it didn't sound like she was dissing the cake, but then again, I'm not sure what we were supposed to infer from Mexicans buying the cake), but we laughed awkwardly and just ordered a white frilly thing we thought his mom would like.

If I went out more I think these blogs would just write themselves.


Mob said...

That's hilarious, it makes you want to up the ante and make a sweeping hand gesture in her direction and ask "..and what do... y'know, your people generally buy?"

Since we're profiling and all...

People pop off with the weirdest things.

Veloute said...
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Veloute said...

People are freaks.

WTF do you say to crap like that?

Now I want the cake, lol.


Ellen Aim said...

Mob: That's hysterical; I would never have the balls, though.

Vel:It looks like a decent recipe! And I didn't really say anything.

"Oh, *Mexicans*, well, never mind." Wtf?

Anonymous said...

I must be a slacker Mexican, since I don't recall ever having purchased or eaten a Tres Leches cake. Or would slacker Mexican be redundant? Hi-Yo!

Ellen Aim said...

You best hop to, apparently they go fast.

And I'm still totally clueless what the fuck's up with that cake, but shit, gotta make one now!