Saturday, December 22, 2007

Is this my blossom girl?

Christmas Movie Recommendation #5: Miracle on 34th Street, 1947

I hadn't seen this in years and though I recall it fondly, it wasn't necessarily one of the ones I usually sought out, even of the black and whites. But D got it for me not too long ago and I rewatched it with my dad last night. I think I really might appreciate it more as an adult.

Obviously the sentiment is the same but I enjoyed the first half more this time; the dialogue was pretty clearly geared towards an adult audience (while still being child-friendly). And clarification really shouldn't be necessary, but I am of course referring to the 1947 version, directed by George Seaton starring Maureen O'Hara.

Christmas Movie Recommendation #6: The Man Who Came to Dinner, 1942

Definitely one of my favorite Christmas movies and one of my favorite Bette Davis movies (exceeded perhaps only by All About Eve)

When searching for pictures I ran across one of Nathan Lane in the wheelchair. Ok, Nathan Lane is a lot of fun, but he is certainly not Sheridan Whiteside. I'm sure Nathan Lane can be a shit, but there has to be lots of charisma in there, too. And of course he can do charisma, but they sort of have to happen at the same time. It would be a difficult play to see with anyone, perhaps, as Monty Woolley would be a near-impossible act to follow.

I also forgot ot mention some of my Christmas prezzies from D: two bottles of Napa Valley Cabernets (one nice, was consumed with our xmas dinner and another very nice bottle from a small family vineyard, for Oscar night, as always). Also got Robocop (special edition, the case is metal and heavy!), The Shining, The Last Unicorn, and The Departed. My big gift was something for the kitchen--it's a big multicooker. I can deep fry in it (fried pickles!) or steam things, the latter of which I'm really excited about since before now I've been doing makeshift steaming and it doesn't lend itself to pork buns.

I've been in Denton for the past few days, but no one is more relaxed than my Mouche. (I brought him with me, but not Bourdain, as he's the one who barfs and shits in the car he hates it so much). Mouche has been catching up with Alex's cat Toshi...

Toshi. Check the white spot.

Mouche hates the camera, but there he is in the background, happy to put on a show if it means I'll stop playing with Toshi...

Look at me, look at me!

He glares at me at home when I take pics...


Veloute said...

I love the pretty kitties! Purrr!

Two of my most favorite movies. I wonder if I put those in my top 100. We watch Miracle on 34th street every year. Yes, I tear up EVERY SINGLE TIME. We'd do The Man Who Came to Dinner, but I don't own it.

I can't wait to hear about all the frying and steaming you'll be up to.

Ellen Aim said...

Mouche is SO EXCITED ALL DAY LONG. It's great exercise.

I've got to squeeze Man Who Came to Dinner in some time today. By god, it's getting watched! And I will totally have to send you a copy!