Friday, December 21, 2007

For toast! Get over it.

I got an early Christmas present!

And wow, if you don't already know the movie you might think this is going to be a really interesting post.

Nope, that's just Jeffrey, one of my very favorite films I, for some reason, still didn't own on DVD but had on VHS. The funny thing is, as soon as I started hunting for pictures I got a ton of Studio 60 shots. I definitely think Studio 60 fans should watch Jeffrey to see Steven Weber in a, oh, minutely different role.

I'm sure it's a great play and I would certainly love to see it, but I also think it's one of the rare ones that somehow makes an even better film. It's so over the top and tongue-in-cheek, it never gets old.

It was good timing, too, as I had just subscribed to Playbill for the upcoming season. I am tickled as shit to know Equus doesn't seem to be opening until the end of 2008, starting in September. That works, as the beginning of the year is already getting a bit full. D's 30th birthday is in March (though we're celebrating in February, more on that later) and I'm trying to get back to Japan for a week for uh, well, no reason really. It's Japan.

And my best friend is getting married in May! My maid of honor Emily is marrying Gene in San Francisco. They're trying to keep it small but Emily is still going to have family coming from overseas in Japan and Korea. I cannot imagine many more expensive places to get married than San Francisco (they're doing it outside) but I also cannot imagine a more beautiful place. I have still not even been once.

Sadly, I heard the news from Michael, the ex, who is trying to handle it. I was a tiny bit miffed at his lack of consideration for me, but then again, I couldn't be terribly mad considering his own situation. I think I was miffed for five minutes. And I didn't mention it to the bride. The bride...who...I think maybe does check in here from time to time? Anyway, it's no big deal at all for me to hear it from someone else--him hearing it from someone else would be the disaster.

And he is dating someone I think. I would hate to be dating someone while they found out the person they were still trying to not pine for was getting married. Hard not to feel like second fiddle. Anyway. I have that feeling like it's time to stop before I put my foot (further) into my mouth.

Christmas Movie Recommendation #4: A Garfield Christmas

Just to be different. And while I don't have a clip to post (each clip is a third of the show at nine minutes), I do have this creepy-ass McDonald's commercial. Why is the old man hoarding the dolls?


Veloute said...

How exciting! Congrats to Emily and Gene :D

Ellen Aim said...

I shall pass it along! I can't wait to take pictures.