Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Real Americans fail geography.

So my geography knowledge is tragically embarrassing. I can usually refrain from humiliating myself in regards to US states and their locations (not always), and my knowledge of the state capitols is minutely above mediocre I suppose. But Europe is my huge downfall. Don't get me wrong, I know nothing of Africa, either, I'm not even going to pretend.

My dad once sent me this cool geography quiz for all over the world, and it's pretty addictive. In my search for some good books on Europe's geography (my history of its changes and current state is also a bit of a catastrophe) I found this other quiz, The Traveler IQ Challenge, which is also totally bitchin' and has some other cool quizzes, like picking the country that goes with which flag, where famous locations are, etc. (And you can pick other parts of the world, too, of course).

I'm still looking for a good book or two on European geography and/or its history...I don't know how great these quizzes are for my actually retaining information.


Veloute said...

My geography knowledge is also terribly embarrassing. I feel like we should get a huge globe and maps and National Geographic for the kids so they don't follow in my footsteps on that front.

And I hope they got Doug's math genes.

Ellen Aim said...

They have to have his math genes, they just have to.

Maybe their schools will actually TEACH THEM geography, wouldn't that be weird?