Thursday, June 22, 2006

Melodrama coming from you is about as natural as an oral bowel movement.

AH. Thank you OH SO MUCH to Dear Bastards for pointing me in the right direction. I get so frustrated with HTML since like, you know, I don't know it. And I was almost positive that it couldn't be an HTML problem since my old comments were showing up but not new ones. I checked the settings (but obviously did that thing where my brain decides for itself what it's going to see, not what is there), and had to walk away from it like algebra homework.

Then today, I was trying out the link when I went back to check the settings again. So yes, one should not check "new posts do not have comments," when infact, you WOULD like the posts to have comments. In case anyone was going to be trying that...

So I'm not any better at new things than I was in high school, that's a confidence builder.

1 comment:

Mob said...

Glad you're 'commentable' again. The stupid technology is quite humbling, let me assure you.