Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Loose Ends Thoughts

I am positively glazed over from burning hi-res CDs from hi-res files all morning. It takes FOREVER. But leaves me free to blog-surf. Then I feel guilty for doing jack-shit all morning. For like, a minute.

I've noticed that not only am I a fairly inconsistent blogger (which I will legitimately try to remedy), but I totally fail to follow up on past events. The drunken fight between Rico and Clark? And really, why the need for psuedonyms? I guess I was trying to be thoughtful or PC, neither of which is in my nature. Anyhoo, they'll never read this and even if they do, who cares. Rico is just Rob, our old roommate. Very mellow laid-back dude. Clark is Jim, a friend of everyone's but Rob has known him since high school.

To go into Jim's issues, history and all the weird shit, well...that would take eons. But the man is not responsible, takes advantage without realizing it...very sweet guy, which is what makes it hard. But long story short, Jim sits at home and does nothing until Rob comes home and then bugs him like a deranged girlfriend. "What's for dinner? What do you want to eat? How was work? Did you have a good day?" Just sweet and clueless and I would have backhanded the dude months ago.

Add onto this that Rob makes good money and is extremely responsible. Jim is secretly resentful and jealous. That night in the car, when he speaks very foolish out of turn in this regard (after Rob dropped at least $100 on him that night for his birthday), Rob was totally justified in kicking his ass to the curb. I was wrong to question Rob's motives (luckily he has no idea that I harbored such thoughts, so who gives one wet donkey fart).

Nuff said. We have not heard from Jim in a while, but the state will surely find him before we do, as they'll be there to continually garnish his wages for the child support he does not pay. Need I say more.

And on that note, as Agent Cooper once said to Sheriff Truman, "Harry, I really have to urinate."

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