Monday, June 26, 2006

Go Piss Up a Flagpole.

Wow, I am totally depressed at what an utter wanker I am. I had a nice relaxing day off, put photos away I had pulled for a wedding slideshow (however totally obvious and trendy it is to do, sometimes that stuff can be fun, too), cleaned and read my Norton book. I read it in two sits--the first half, very enjoyable and entertaining. The second half bothers me the more I think about it. And the fact that it bothers me so much bothers me.

I think I can safely rank it up on the list of most-bothered items. Silverlake Life: The View From Here will always hold the number one spot: an AIDS documentary of two guys shown on PBS I saw around the goddamn age of 10 or 11. REALLY stayed with me. Had very real nightmares of death that night, so that shit kinda made an impression. Well this book is so gut-wrenchingly sad, and it's quite genuine as the author is a real hard-ass cynical agnostic, right up my alley. And before Norton, he even used to hate cats. Obviously, that is no longer the case and the details of the second half of the book could not be more heart-mutilating than if it were someone's actual child. Seriously. So I pulled myself together after I read it and have been composed all the rest of the afternoon and evening. And it's only in the last hour or so that I've been reflecting on it, as one is likely to do after a read, and I just wanna sniffle all over again. However, the fiancee is home now and I really don't want to get into it. He has not read the books, though I did just hand him The Cat Who Went To Paris to start. He does not really read, so we'll see. Luckily he's a cat person, though you almost don't have to be to read these books.

But enough with the dead Scottish Fold and sniffling. And I realize it's a little wrong to draw parallels between pets and children (a delicate grey area, in any case), but when you take into consideration the import and prominence the subject plays in someone's life, well, who's to say? And this was not one of those pet weirdos; I'm sure Derek sees his fair share of those at PetSmart. Anyone dressing their cat is a red flag for sure.

Anyway, I've left Derek to finish Night of the Demons, a movie he is re-watching IN WHOLE just for the line, "Eat a bowl of fuck." Uh huh. I left him to that one. I also find myself really not wanting to watch the lesbian drama anymore, it's irritating me way more than it is entertaining me. I'll watch this disc (season 2, disc 2), but it's on some damn thin ice. Derek really enjoys it, but I may have to barf up a lung here pretty soon, I don't care how hot Shane is.

Off to read Already Dead, very entertaining, and at my dad's recommendation.


Mob said...

Night Of The Demons is completely worth it for the "Eat a bowl of fuck" line. Also for the possessed broad shoving a tube of lipstick into her breast, in a fit of weirdness.

Ellen Aim said...

Oh see, I didn't know about the boob thing, I would have totally watched it for that.

Veloute said...

"Eat a bowl of fuck"

Now I have to watch this movie.

I don't think Shane is hot at all. I have to confess now, the moment I saw her I thought, "Ew".

I guess she isn't my type.

Ellen Aim said...

Oh no, we totally did the thing. The first time we saw her we dubbed her "Sewer Rat." But then later she was very good-looking. We were mystified.

Veloute said...

Ok, I have only seen the first disk of the first season. "Sewer Rat" totally captures her look.

Now the girl with the long brown hair and bangs. I can't remember her name. She is something pleasing to look at ;)

Ellen Aim said...

I'm guessing you're thinking of Dana the tennis player? As long as you're not talking about the straight girl with the boyfriend...we call her "Mouse Stain." You're sensing a rodent theme, aren't you...