Friday, June 30, 2006

Are you telling me that's an ABBA turd?

I love my new Waring commercial blender. I took a picture and then left the digial camera at home. It's just the slow-ass sort of day for uploading pictures of blenders, as well. Blender helped me make the most delicious margaritas last night. And coupled with, what else, fried pickles, no wonder I don't like going out. And in the spirit of also not liking people, I started the first season of House, M.D. which my sister bought me. I'm hoping there's at least one I somehow missed when it was originally on. Also very jazzed about season 2 coming out in August, as we don't have cable and have not been viewing. Sniff.

I also made the trek out to Whole Foods to explore their organic cat food and was treated to a bag of the most expensive kind by the guy stocking the shelves. They didn't have what I was looking for in-stock yet, so Castor & Pollux (which is $15.99 for a fucking 6-lb bag) was my second choice. He said it was too expensive so he marked it out as a sample and gave it to me! I was very surprised but was more than happy to saunter past the rush-hour check-out lines with my free bag of shi-shi kitty food. When I got home I plopped it down on the floor while I went into the kitchen to see about getting my hot new blender some counter-time. I should mention I was vaguely worried if the cats would be into the new hippy food, but at the sound of puncturing cardboard, I left the kitchen to see Bourdain had torn open the side of the bag (with a few unsuccessful attempts at the corner). So now the bag sits under the bathroom sink in its usual place, but with a closepin holding its side rather than the top).

They quite like it. Although I also have to hope there is no corrollation between the new food and the incredibly pungent odor I found wafting from the cat bathroom last night. Hope instead someone was just having a rough time of it...

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Veloute said...

You realize they will only eat the hippy shi-shi food from now on.

And I want a blender picture.