Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One gay beer for my gay friend, one normal beer for me because I am normal.

The Church of Our Lady!

Mass was apparently over by this time, so I went inside for a look around.

Michelangelo's Madonna & Child (below).

This was his only marble sculpture to leave Italy in his lifetime.

The Wikipedia entry says it is behind bulletproof glass, but this appears not to be the case anymore. It's true you cannot get very close, though. From what I recall being told, I think this was a slightly unusual representation because the baby is older, not in her arms and he seems to be about to step away from his mother. But what I know about art history is staggeringly embarrassing.

It's quite massive inside, there's plenty to see.

So definitely worth the time. I imagine seeing mass would have been nice (depending on how long it is, *cough*), I probably should have done that. Next time.

Back out to the Square in search of chocolate shops and snacks!

These guys were neat. They are dressed as statues (goddamn I cannot write that word anymore, I always write "statutes" now) and once you put money in the hat they change position. They change position very slowly and with exact movements.

Neat to watch.

I had read about this place, Cambrinus, online as a yummy stop and ran into it accidentally. Thought it would be a good place for a break.

We all know what this says! It says, "Come On In!"

I was there at an off time of day and the service was still total shit. I think that might just be Europe, most of the time. Cute place, though.

And I would go again because they had an asparagus soup that was transcendental. They seem to be big on asparagus in Bruges and by god, they do right by it.

I had three bags like this from three different shops. I also got a box elsewhere. I think I would try to ask for a box if at all possible. The day I left was unseasonably warm. The quality is so incredible that of course, they don't do well in heat. They survived remarkably well, but not without incident. Luckily, they were all for me anyway. ;)

And if you think I thought the price of beer was a steal, don't get me started on the chocolate. I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT MORE!! *regrets*

Almost done!

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