Saturday, August 13, 2011

If you could get paid that kind of money for being wrong 60% of the time, it'd be workin'.

This was den Haag's way of saying good-bye... (Well in truth, these were put on by Belgium and Germany, so hmmm. Tonight is China/Japan, grr at missing that...and next weekend four more countries put on a show.) Anyway. The point is, SPARKLY:

And I took care of a few last-day things. For example.

I tried a Stroopwafel McFlurry. I heard about it through the grapevine since I have zero reason to be in a McDonald's. They are made of crack and kitten tears, terribly delicious.

I know I'm always saying how it's raining. (See? I did not say "complaining." Because I know most of you are dealing with 40+ days over 100.) But it has decent results, even if I get soaked much of the time...

This is my walk to/from work. <3 all the moss on the trees.

This is the sidewalk along the main street to work. I do enjoy the whole "overgrown" look and yet, I also can't help but wonder how many bodies you could dump here without anyone ever knowing. :/

And then I took a couple snaps inside my jazz pub so you could get an idea of the ambience. It's usually not daylight when I'm here, but I had a lot to squeeze in yesterday!

And I had a nice early evening here before the fireworks--dinner and a decent number of drinks...and the owners insisted I didn't pay. They wouldn't even let me tip. ;)

So really great place. The pub, that is. I'm still meh on den Haag. Which is not to say Holland, mind you.

But I ordered a cab that should arrive in 30 minutes, so fingers crossed it really shows up...

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