Monday, August 29, 2011

Ray, you are about the worst tourist in the whole world.

Oh, Bruges! Well, even the classy places have a few slip-ups. (I mean, the penis is one thing...they just HAD to have that little somethin' extra?!)

Don't worry, I encountered an equally tacky opposite later.

So this was Sunday in Bruges. I tried to go to the Church of Our Lady, but they were having mass. I was invited in, but I felt it might be in better taste to wait, since I wanted to wander around inside.

So I went to the brewery! (Well, you know...Bruges only has so much to do!)

The tours are on the hour. I did not know this and went at 12:08. Good one. I sat in their little courtyard, with the intention of having a snack, but got ignored for 20 minutes. So I ventured out into the courtyard of places just outside the brewery and settled in for fries with mayo and a local brew. (The REAL local brew, apparently.)

Everything is expensive in Europe, so really, I couldn't help but feel how much of a steal all the beers were in Belgium! These are all the beers that would be $10 easy back home. And they were maybe $6 or so, like everything else. The Sam Adams would've cost me more! Location, location, location.

I wish Bruges were closer, that town is my kinda vacation. (Well, don't eat the steak. Seriously, it was sad. But that was later.)

Courtyard! They are probably quite attentive if you are more than one person.

Inside the brewery. Neat place. Very thorough tour. Someone brought their pug on the tour. Seriously. Now I know I am not by nature a dog person, but in Europe, it is CRAZY how Everyone. Brings their dog. Everywhere. This was no exception. And I don't mind or anything, I just...well, it's weird. Even if my cat WERE inclined towards this sort of set-up, I guess I am just the sort of over-protective asshole momma that thinks he should be at home where he's safe. WOW. What an awesome mother I would be. Hmm.


So this is the view from the top of the brewery. The Belfry is certainly tall, but it's on the left. The Church is on the right, so you can see why it's the one you see from the station.

Ok, getting back down in the brewery is another story. For example:

And they aren't fuckin' around:

Don't wear your short skirt. But! At the end...

Tasty tasty.

I then set off in search of the Church, and these girls were playing outside. No idea why they're in costume, maybe it's just fun. I really love their money frog there at the bottom left. ;)

More later, I gotta gets to class!

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