Saturday, August 27, 2011

Somebody's coming up. Somebody serious.

I don't mean to invite trouble, but I do wish the rain would hurry up so it would stop being so humid. :/ And I think Irene's path has changed, meaning we'll still get heavy rains and winds, just not quite the disaster everyone was predicting. I wasn't terribly worried, though I also tend to forget I live right next to a bay. Not on it, mind you, but I can see it from here.

We finally got gallon jugs of water, which are good to have in any case. (See: last year when the water got tainted with sewage and the city enforced a boil order.)

I will probably need to make a last run to the store so I can cook tomorrow and more importantly, re-stock the wine.

So disaster week continues, having started with a little earthquake! I had actually left school around 12:30 that day to hit the North End for Restaurant Week. (Nom.) I left the restaurant shortly after 2 and took the long way back since it was a nice day. I walked past someone on his cell, repeatedly saying, "So they evacuated the building?" And I'm generally not a nosy person, but I admit it got my attention. I wrote it off as a fire alarm or something else irrelevant.

So then I stopped at the Green Dragon for a pint and to read over my Innocence Project outline. Within minutes, they had shut off the music and turned on the TV. It took me a while to figure it out since the couple next to me was blathering on yeah, I obviously did not feel the earthquake. I think the only people who did were in buildings, because obviously, they tend to do this thing where they SWAY during earthquakes.

My friend S, apparently, had been having her first day at her internship and was on the fifth floor. I think this may have been her first earthquake, and certainly her first one in a building, because it freaked her the fuck out. I mean, it made her cry it was that startling. And having been on the thirteenth floor during an earthquake in Tokyo, yeah, I get it.

But I imagine it's even worse if you don't know what it IS. I mean, why the fuck should anyone here suspect an earthquake? I imagine they're especially touchy about these things next door in New York...

And speaking of which, I am really lucky that I live a three hour drive from NYC, and but apparently not so close that I have to evacuate my city! All the Broadway shows cancelled the weekend and all the low-lying areas have been evacuated. D & L live very north of Manhattan in Washington Heights, so they should be fine. (They seem to be using the time to have a little film festival. *jealous*) I also noticed Mayor Bloomberg isn't terribly worried about the prisoners on Rikers Island, which I thought was a little scummy.

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