Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm Winston Wolfe. I solve problems.

A little empty in Times Square last night, apparently.

The storm did not hit us last night like I thought it might. The MBTA has suspended service for all of today and tonight starting at 8am. Numerous restaurants and shops have closed for the day and boarded up.

D's job was not one of them, but he called out. The awesome (sarcasm font ON) general manager (D's the manager below that) texted to say, "What, you've never driven in the rain before?" Because RIGHT! They ALWAYS close the MBTA for rain! Silly rabbit! Why do people have to be total fucking assholes? But D told him he'd never called out before, not once, but he was doing it now. (I mean, worse than driving in a hurricane, who the fuck wants to potentially get stuck in Everett?)

So now it's just sort of gloomy and ominous out there. And I sure hope either the trains start running again in the early AM or my director calls to say whatevs.

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Mark said...

I went to Bruges this year. Very enjoyable. Didn't try the boat tour though, the queue was too long.