Thursday, September 01, 2011

Harry Waters says hello.

I'm pretty caught up for the week, so I am just reading some testimony and having an early afternoon with a cosmopolitan, yay. Not sure what normal people do anymore.

Ok, so I decided to take a break and catch up on some very important internet reading. For example:


Playing basketball at the park with random people that showed up at 1am. The division of teams is based on what drugs people are on.


Cops came. Forced us to take the "Honk and We'll Drink" and the "Free Shots to Father's of Freshman Daughters" signs down. Before we did, someone honked and the cop said, "Aren't you gonna drink?" They then told us to move the party inside by ten.

And a long overdue visit to Garfield Minus Garfield...

Holiday weekend, woot! :D (Sadly, this will be spent going back over bail revocation, bail hearing crap and my Innocence Project materials.) I'm ok with that. For one thing, I resigned from trial team. That was actually a really hard decision. It was less like leaving an abusive boyfriend and more like leaving your drug friends. Don't ask me why I would know in either case because I don't, but it made perfect sense at the time and still does.

But I have bar prep starting in a week because I'm an out-of-state baby. And I wanted to do other things. And I did sign up for an international law moot court competition. So we'll see.

Also, I seriously smell an upcoming Project Runway rants and raves post, so hurry up and catch up! But I'll warn about spoilers in any case. This season is so over-produced and painfully full of "worst-ofs" it's starting to rival the L.A. season. SERIOUSLY. :/

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Veloute said...

I need to catch up on PR so I can bitch with you!