Sunday, September 25, 2011

To Mighty Mutt.

I haven't done this much reading since my first year of law school. I think my eyes are bleeding.

I do not have court duty tomorrow, but one of my two cases has rapidly turned into a fucking nightmare...usually you go to arraignment and get a follow-up date for your pre-trial hearing. During that time your client is either released (by personal recognizance or on bail) or held (with or without bail). My first guy was released and I just hope I see him again before the next date. My other guy? Before even getting to a pre-trial hearing, we get to have a probation violation hearing.

The standard for this hearing is pretty low, and especially based on the facts, it is really, really bad. I guess on the bright side no one thinks this is going to go well, so anything that does will be a fucking miracle. Doesn't mean I'm still not terrified of missing something. There are three different ways the hearing can go, involving considerable pleadings and research, so I've already been assigned co-counsel and I've already hired a private investigator for certain aspects.

There was a huge chance it was going to be the morning after my Bill Maher show, but probation officers only do certain days, so it was pushed to the next day. Which is great, because there is no way I would have been able to concentrate on the awesome rants of the evening otherwise. In truth, I'll still probably be freaking out. :/ (It's probably in poor taste to be sad about not being able to enjoy the show when someone is sitting in jail with their liberty at stake, but first of all it was a really pricey ticket! And secondly I think I'm more worried about what's going to happen than my client, so there.)

And I'm supposed to be applying for jobs during this, as well as keeping up with other crap! On the plus side, my director said this happens 2-3 times a year to some of his students, and I'd rather get mine out of the way before everything else gets heavy as well!

For the record, I am still managing to keep up with Runway...this Tom & Lorenzo post was easily the best part about the last episode...don't read if you're not caught up! I am also secretly watching Ringer, aka that kinda dumb thriller with Buffy & Horatio Hornblower in it. ;)

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Where, oh where, did Ellen Aim go?
Where, oh where, might she be?
So near, yet so far,
seems so strange, so bizarre,
each other we'll never again see...