Saturday, September 10, 2011

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

What a kick-ass band! :D

So last night I went with my friend Z to see Within Temptation, with Three opening. I knew neither (but had heard of the former just briefly when researching Dutch music while living there). The cheap way to describe WT would be "Evanescence, but way better and more metal." They're symphonic metal, a little goth metal, but not heavy at all. Very, very cool and great live show. I had heard one CD and thought, hey, I like it, sure. But live was so much better! And that girl gets a serious workout every night!

More conventional cut:

Some of the videos are hysterically awful. This one is not, but still fails to capture how good this track was last night. Oh well, I still like it:

And I did pick up on something during the show last night and the second video really illustrates it as well, so no, you don't need to draw my attention to the fact that there's a little something "Ellen Aim & the Attackers redux" about this. ;) Overall, one could say it's the overtones of "musical theatre drama." Or something. Hey, at least I'm consistent in what I like...

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